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We believe prevention is the most effective and profitable model for raising animals

Protekta is dedicated to pioneering solutions designed to improve the everyday lives of food production animals. Through a partnership with Vilofoss, Protekta is making transformative products available to US and Canadian poultry producers.

Our solutions are designed to protect animals from common stressors that impact health, plus ensure optimal growth and development.

Brands: Stalosan F Stalosan Dry

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  • Stalosan F
    Stalosan F is the only EPA-registered dry germicide. Its multi-action disinfecting power provides long-acting protection, killing harmful pathogens for up to a full week....

  • Stalosan F is the only EPA-registered dry germicide, thats safe to use in the presence of animals and humans. It contains more than 95% active ingredients and highly effective reactive minerals. Stalosan F is proven effective through more than 100 independent and university research studies. The multi-action disinfecting power provides long-acting protection, killing harmful bacteria and pathogens for up to a full week. It also provides quick and effective drying when used directly on newborn piglets, protecting them against disease. This effectively reduces costly health issues, such as swine dysentery and scours. Unlike limestone and other drying agents that are alkaline, Stalosan F is acidic preventing drying out and damage to animals skin. Stalosan F also works as a vital ammonia reducer, absorbing moisture and improving air quality. Multiple application methods allow for flexiable application management for each farm. 
  • Stalosan Dry
    Drying powder for piglets and animal resting areas....

  • Stalosan Dry is a slightly acidic hygiene powder that absorbs water and nuetralizes ammoina. The soft structure of the product provides high animal comfort in resting areas. It can be combined with Stalosan F for increased antimicrobial control. 

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