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Altenburg Construction, Inc Slat Replacement Professionals

Lewisville,  MN 
United States

We are the leading Concrete Slat Replacement Professionals

As the leading Concrete Slat Replacement Professionals in the USA, we know what works and what doesn’t. We pay attention to even the smallest details, working with our customers to make sure they’re happy! We are well-known in the industry for providing excellent concrete slat replacement solutions for our customers, all you have to do is check out our success rate, which is excellent, as is our long-standing relationships with our customers.

We have done work in many states around the country including:

MN, IA, ND, SD, IL, IN, MI, KS, OH, MO, NE, & WI.

We have the team and equipment to travel throughout the USA!

Our employees are company trained, we do not use subcontractors. When our team of professionals starts a project they commit themselves to get it done in the timeliest manner possible. We use the latest tools, techniques, and equipment to do the job more quickly. By doing our own site work, we have better control of the project schedule and can expedite the project which helps cut our customer downtime and saves them money as well!

Call us for an inspection today. 507-435-2210

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  • Slat Shield
    A product for protecting slats around feeders and waterers. Coatings are just a product made to protect the surface....

  • After working with many different products for protecting slats around feeders and waterers we have found a product we are proud to put our name on!

    We have an honest approach, coatings are just a product made to protect the surface, therefore they don’t add life to the slat, coatings add wear life to the slat surface.

    We have an 8-year warranty! We don’t sell the product over the counter; we install the product knowing it was installed properly, and we will back it with our 8-year warranty.

    Barn can be put back into use as soon as 8 hours, but we recommend 12 hours.

  • Slat and Beam Replacement
    Contact us for all your hog or cattle barn needs whether that is a total slat & beam replacement or a barn reconfiguration....

  • At Altenburg Construction Inc. our inspections go beyond just checking over the condition of the slats, a concern that far too often gets overlooked.
    Slats may look perfect and be structurally sound from the top, BUT the bottom could be bad and they can fail which can cause a catastrophe to the livestock and/or people in them! 
    Same with the beams and posts below, the slats can look good, but if the beams are bad it can be catastrophic, extremely dangerous!
    We bring awareness to the farmer/worker in the barn and show them what to look for in a situation. It puts us in direct contact with the person.
    Sometimes customers have a preferred slat manufacturer they like to work with, Altenburg Construction Inc. works with all slat manufacturers and we will even get the estimate for you! We have the team and equipment to travel throughout the USA!

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