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Stewart,  MN 
United States

Welcome to the TechMix booth. Please contact us!

Since 1983, TechMix has been manufacturing and marketing BlueLite®, the most recognized brand in animal hydration. It is often recognized as “Gatorade for animals.” TechMix innovates with livestock producers, veterinarians, nutritionists and universities around the world to provide the best hydration products to protect animals and producer investments. The TechMix product lineup includes BlueLite®, Blue2®, Liquitein® and Restart® products and helps swine customers manage stress events from birth to transport by providing the right hydration and nutrients at the right time. TechMix is redefining hydration to keep animals drinking, eating and producing.

Brands: Swine BlueLite®, Dual Dry®, Baby Pig Restart®, BlueLite® Pro2Lyte, Mo' Milk®, Nextein APF®, Blue2®, Liquitein®

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  • Nextein APF®
    Nextein APF® (Animal Protein Free) is a Nutrient Dense Liquid that contains electrolytes, functional proteins and energy to provide pigs support when they need it most....

  • Key Benefits
    • Biologically active (functional) proteins derived from an animal protein free (APF) source
    • Multiple applications to reduce number of products needed on farm
    • Formulated specifically to address gut integrity issues of stressed pigs
    • Superior water transport compared to dry powder supplements
    • Highly palatable – can be used in proportioners and in gruel applications
    • Ready to use Nutrient Dense Liquid stock solution. No diluting necessary for proportioners.
    When to Use
    • At weaning
    • During off feed events
    • Transported pigs
    • During times of dehydration
    • Enteric challenges on older pigs
  • Baby Pig Restart® APF
    Baby Pig Restart® APF is an Animal Protein Free (APF) attractant that entices pigs to eat dry feed more quickly. Baby Pig Restart APF also provides additional nutrients and energy needed to help avoid starve-outs and stunting....


    • Highly palatable and aromatic: attracts pigs to feed allowing quicker weaning transition
    • Acidified to help promote optimum digestion
    • Can be top-dressed, mixed in drinking water or drenched
    • Offered in an animal protein free formula which does not contain animal proteins


    •  Top-dress on starter feeds to entice young pigs to consume dry feed after weaning
    •  Add to gruel to provide added energy and nutrients to reduce fall behinds when pigs are weaned
    •  Introduce the last 2-3 days before weaning
    •  Use to restart fall-back pigs

  • Dual Dry®
    Dual Dry® is a dual-purpose drying agent for both the environment and the young pig itself. Applying Dual Dry to the mats helps absorb moisture limiting the potential growth of bacteria....


    • Dark color absorbs radiant heat increasing mat temperature compared to lighter colored desiccants
    • Field demonstrations show an increase in mat temperature compared to lighter colored desiccants
    • Warmer mats encourage the pigs to stay on the mat and away from the sow (preventing crushed pigs)
    • Multi-texture promotes both drying and membrane removal
    • Minimal dust compared to other desiccants
    • Twice as absorbent as other desiccants
    • Poly bag can be easily disinfected


    • Immediately after birth
    • When cold, wet or scouring
    • When young pigs are susceptible to scouring

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