Advance Trading, Inc.

Bloomington,  IL 
United States

Greetings! At ATI, we meet your Livestock Marketing needs.

For years, end users have relied on hand-to-mouth finance, "hope" marketing, and outlandish speculation to protect input costs. With the added price volatility of today's market, these tactics are even less viable options, as the risk of not managing input price exposure is greater than ever before. Advance Trading's philosophy is that price is unpredictable. Therefore, we don't predict prices — we provide paths to success.

Through expert analysis of economic fundamentals, supply/demand scenarios, government regulations, weather, and price volatility, we help construct risk management recommendations that provide flexibility, profit potential and ultimately, peace of mind. By working together, we develop reliable strategies that are tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of grain end users, from livestock feeders to ethanol producers.