Integrity Builders & Supply Inc

New London,  IA 
United States

Thank you for visiting Integrity Builders and Supply, Inc.

The Integrity Builders and Supply, Inc Team is experienced in designing and constructing buildings as custom as your operation. 



Anyone can claim to be the best. The proof is in the design, construction and follow-through you can expect for your project. In other words, it’s about backing up words with actions—and that’s what sets Integrity Builders apart. 

At Integrity Builders & Supply, we make sure you get the expertise and support you need before, during and after construction. And we do that by saying no to anything that gets in the way of your complete satisfaction.

  • We say no to cutting corners.
  • We say no to last-second surprises.
  • We say no to plans that merely outline the basics.

The Integrity Builders and Supply team offers many building options. ​

  • Hog Confinements
  • Sow Units
  • Cattle Barns
  • Post Frame Building Packages
  • Livestock Building Remodels and Retrofitting
  • Post Frame Lined and Insulated Shops