Nioex Systems Inc.

Swan Lake,  MB 

Welcome to Nioex Systems Virtual Booth at Iowa Pork Congress

At Nioex Systems we are proud to be one of the leaders within the in-vessel composting industry. Our flagship product BIOvator has been a Brand Choice among Farmers for nearly 2 decades. Bio-secure, Efficient, Cost-effective, Environmentally Friendly and Reliable is what makes BIOvator a leader in composting technology. Nioex Systems offers a 10-year pro-rated warranty on all models and a 15-year warranty against corrosion on all stainless-steel models. In many circumstances the Natural Resources Conservation Service will assist Farmers in developing a composting facility through The Environmental Quality Incentives Program and have approved BIOvator in their program. With rendering costs on the rise and bio-security becoming a greater threat, Nioex Systems offers the best solution when dealing with the dreaded reality of mortality on the Farm. 

Thank you for visiting our booth, we hope that you enjoy the show! 

Brands: BIOvator In-vessel Composting Systems.