PrairiE Systems

Spencer,  IA 
United States

PrairiE Systems, LLC Easy. Effective. Empowering.

PrairiE Systems knows that smart livestock management means managing feed while operating more cost effectively and providing safe food products to the consumer. Founded in 2006, PrairiE Systems’ technology solutions are developed and designed to increase efficiencies in the Animal Agriculture industry thus saving you time so you can get back to what is important. Simultaneously, their solutions meet the demand for food chain visibility in the livestock industry ensuring its long-term sustainability.

PrairiE Systems offers three core tech-assisted farming technologies: Feed Allocation System, LeeO™ and Smart Order. These smart livestock solutions allow you to manage feed budgets and farm expenses more effectively, which in turn provides safe and affordable protein to the consumer.

Feed Allocation System (FAS) is a precision software platform that tracks and executes nutrition and medication use on your farm. Developed to manage livestock production with real-time information, this technology automates management of multiple animal groups located across multiple barns.

LeeO™ is a radio frequency identification (RFID) system that allows producers to have greater visibility into individual animal data. You will capture data on a mobile device with accuracy that is impossible to achieve using paper and pencil.

Smart Order is a customizable internet-based software solution designed specifically for feed manufacturers and distributors to provide seamless, accurate ordering between the sales team, customer service and order fulfillment. Smart Order creates a fully automated, easy-to-access, digital record of a customer's order history, current orders and status.

Brands: Feed Allocation System (FAS) LeeO™ Smart Order