Chicago,  IL 
United States

Stop by to learn how wash robots can make your life easier!

Washpower produces robotic power washers that are powerful, easy to use, and reliable.

The machine is simple in its construction but houses an efficient and high-tech robot, capable of dealing with even the toughest washing jobs.

It might sound complicated to automate your washing routine, but the washing robot from Washpower is developed with ease of use in mind and in close collaboration with farmers to ensure everyone can operate it. The robot has proven its worth to farmers across the world for close to ten years. Today more than 1,100 units are making everyday life easier for farmers 

The washing robot reduces 80% of manual washing, allowing you to focus on the well-being of your animals. Robotic power washing produces a consistent wash result and gives you time to focus on making the wash result perfect. With a better wash result comes healthier animals and a better production economy.

At Washpower we are 50 dedicated employees sharing a common passion for reducing the strenuous task of power washing. We look forward to helping you as well!