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As a world unique Infra-red/ceramic QIR(quartz infra red) lamp  manufacturer with various innovative agricultural facilities, experience in technical research and development. ZHULIN boasts of innovative animal Breeding facility for swine and poultry, as well as superior quality, fair price and on-time delivery, look no further. We will do our everlasting efforts to produce better products to ensure our customers satisfaction. Feel free to contact us for Further information.

Biological Effects! ZHULIN QIR infrared bulb, a high biological effected one, has ultimated abilities in thermal efficiency and hyperdemic satulation on organic bodies which enables heat diffusion into whole body by high blood circulation. Livestock (Pig, cattle, deer, poultry etc) : QIR Infrared bulb type lamp should improve feed efficiency,  stimulates appetite and assists disease cure. Also minimize loss of livestock by changing habit which is trying to gather and make surface dry for clean environment. Main frame constructed from aluminum and stainless steel. Infrared bulb is coated to make bulbs shock-resistant and water- resistant.

Brands: Energy-Effective Design ! BtB-Farming brand ! Sustainability, it is a goal of Ban the Incandescent Bulb farming.