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Ste. Agathe,  MB 

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Crystal Spring Hog Equipment - Innovative solutions 

Since 1978, Crystal Spring Hog Equipment develops innovative, high-quality hog equipment. From our very first innovation of the original wet/dry feeder to our newest line of housing and water solutions, our products are designed and continually improved to provide practical solutions to common challenges.

Our wet/dry feeders are the most profitable in the industry, using patented technologies to provide more gain and less waste in every growing phase, while minimizing water wastage and simplifying feeder management. Our newest innovation the Adaptive Flow™ technology, is available not only in our feeders but also in our bite nipples and water bars.

Our housing solutions, from our crates to our Freedom Stalls™, use innovative, but mechanically simple technologies to solve problems without creating new ones.

Contact us at or +1 (402) 227-8228, or visit our website, and find out how our team and products can help you maximize the profits and increase the performance of your farm.

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