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Saint James,  MN 
United States

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The first Vertical Chopper Pump was manufactured by Aldo Doda to clear the slurry from the dairy barn that was too thick to be simply sucked with a tanker. He designed a chopper in the front that was to prevent plugging, he made this pump by using parts from a retired harvest machine.

Aldo began collecting many orders for this new chopper pump, he was now too busy to help with the family farm, and by the late 50’s he moved to a small building and created the DODA ALDO company, he started with 3 employees, that has now grown to over 40 employees.

By 1970 DODA Pumps were being sold to England, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, United States & many other European countries.

Aldo has since retired, but his children have begun to run the company. Marco takes care of the design & engineering, Tiziano in running the production shop & Ada handling the office work. The 3rd generation is also beginning to show interest, helping out in the office & shop during summer months.

In 2007 the Doda family decided it was necessary to start DODA USA to serve the U.S. market more directly and efficiently & continue to expand the DODA line, In the fall of 2007 DODA U.S.A. was opened for business.

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