Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd

Carthage,  IL 
United States

Welcome to Carthage Veterinary Service & the Carthage System

Carthage Veterinary Service provides outstanding veterinary service to clients domestically and internationally by combining science with health and production and a commitment to continuous improvement. With 13 veterinarians and a multi-discipline support staff of Nutritionist, Researchers and Data Analysts, Carthage Veterinary Service has a strong foundation of experience to provide your team with critical knowledge and expertise on any technical pig production platform. Carthage Supply offers quality products to your farm at a competitive price point. Our Diagnistics lab helps you drive health decisions.

The Carthage System provides comprehensive management to family owned breed to wean and wean to finish pork facilities that make up the Carthage System. The Carthage System and Professional Swine Management (PSM) have one main focus: managing all phases of pork production including breeding, gestation, farrowing, nursery, and finishing.