Central Life Sciences

Schaumburg,  IL 
United States

Welcome to our virtual booth!

At Central Life Sciences, we offer complete Insect Pest Management solutions to insect problems that cause great economic loss within our industry. We offer ClariFly, a feed-thru larvicide that once blended into the feed, the pigs do the work for you.  Every pile of manure will be treated and once flies lay their eggs in the manure it never allows them to hatch as mature flies!  We are currently seeing 90+% reduction within the barns that use it.  Call us to design a program that works for you!

Brands: Clarifly 267, blend at 0.7lbs./ton, must have micro-mixing capabilities. SWINE ONLY Clarifly .67, blend at 2.8lbs./ton for Swine. MULTI-SPECIES approved. Alluvium Roach Bait paste. Full Line of Starbar products.