FarrPro, Inc.

Iowa City,  IA 
United States

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FarrPro is built around our mission of a unified production system. We aim to change the way the world grows pork by automating processes, capturing benefits to increase producer profitability while improving animal welfare, supply chain transparency, and making it easy to raise animals sustainably.
FarrPro offers multiple solutions to improve the microclimate for piglets in the farrowing room and in 2022 began distributing a power-washing nozzle with no moving parts and a 2-year warranty.

This year FarrPro is proud to announce the launch of the Sentry System, a platform that uses an active ear tag health tracking system to monitor activity and body temperature, collect animal data and provide early detection of potential health issues, reducing sow mortality and increasing production. Sentry also reduces health intervention costs and losses due to illness by allowing producers to catch problems early in both sows and finishing pigs.

Brands: Haven, NanoMat, Sentry