Genesus Inc

Oakville,  MB 

Are you ready to have the best pigs in the world

Genesus has the world’s largest registered purebred herd of Landrace, York and Duroc; and is the leading exporter of swine genetics in North America.

  • Currently, Genesus has 4000 Duroc sows globally, making Genesus one of the largest, if not the largest, Duroc breeder in the world. 
  • Over 18,000 carcasses tested for meat quality  since 1998. with over 20 years of extended research to offer consumers the ULTIMATE  PORK  EXPERIENCE
  • Breeding Focus:  
    • Structurally sound on their feet and legs, 
    • Strive in intensive confinement or group housing environments
    • Lowest cost to produce a weaned piglet.
    • World leading growth rates in nursery and finisher.
    • Focus to produce a robust pig that continues to grow and produce through stress challenges
    • Low wean to finish mortality.
    • Maximizing kg sold /square feet /year.
  • Top 5% of today’s Genesus pig performance: 
    • Yorkshire Total Born   = 22.2 Pigs
    • Landrace Total Born    = 19.8 Pigs
    • Duroc growth  to 120kg  = 139 Days

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