Session 13 - Alexa, Reconcile My Data: New Technologies Automating Data Reconciliation

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020: 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
/ CEU Credits:0.2


Lorenzo Balsamo
Associate Director of Clinical Informatics
Jounce Therapeutics
Session Chair
Sheila Rocchio
Chief Marketing Officer
eClinical Solutions
Sreekanth Gudapathi
eClinical Solutions


According to a recent Tufts survey, "external" or non-EDC data makes up over 60% of trial data. Times from last patient last visit (LPLV) to database lock (DB) are increasing, and one hypothesis says it's tied to the amount of external data. In addition, the number of data sources is going up across trials. Biomarkers in particular are increasingly common and often mean varying data formats from different vendors. All of these trends contribute to an increased demand for efficient tools for data review and analysis. Yet in many cases, data reconciliation workflows remain relatively unchanged - relying heavily on Excel and the repetition of manual processes. This session will explore new efficient workflows for data reconciliation incorporating process improvements and new technologies. Experts across functions will share how things have changed and how tech tools like data workbenches are enabling incremental data review processes, with real-time reviews of eCRF and external data. Attendees will hear from leaders within data management, monitoring and programming as they provide viewpoints of the case studies that are disrupting data management such as automated data reconciliation, mapping/transformation and query prediction. The reality of trials today means a deluge of complex and varied data - learn how the industry is using tech to adapt traditional workflows, automate manual processes, and gain efficiencies on the path to database lock.