Session 3 - Are We There Yet? The Journey From Data Management to Data Science

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Monday, September 14, 2020: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
/ CEU Credits:0.2


Chair & Speakers
Imogene Dunn
SVP Biometrics and Regulatory Affairs
vTv Therapeutics LLC
Session Chair
Katrina Rice
EVP Professional Services
eClinical Solutions LLC
Chair & Speakers
Raj Indupuri
eClinical Solutions
Chair & Speakers
Vadim Tantsyura
Sr. Director, Data Quality Science
BioMarin Pharmaceuticals


As the types and volume of data sources increase, data management converges with clinical operations, and the use of technology becomes more prevalent, the need for data scientists and data science skill sets increases. There is buzz around how machine learning and artificial intelligence can be applied to the practice of data management and how that may transform the function to data sciences.

We may be on a journey from data management to data science, but the path is not necessarily mapped out. What exactly does this mean for data management? What is the ideal definition of a data scientist, and does that apply to data management? It’s difficult to say where the role of DM is going and how we will get there, but most agree that change is already underway.

This panel will bring together industry leaders to discuss the roles of the Clinical Data Manager and Clinical Data Scientist and to address the shift as data managers acquire new skills, adopt new technologies and employ new methods of working.  Panelists will examine how they see the role of DM evolving, where the challenges are and what success looks like..



1. Understand how AI/ML can support data review and data quality
2. How Data Managers enhance their skillsets with this evolution
3. How does Statistics get more involved with upstream activities
4. The role Data Managers will play in supporting these complex statistical model to enhance data review more focused


CDM Certification Competencies::
Clinical Trials Processes, Roles, and Responsibilities,Data Management Plans,Data Base Quality Control Audits

Target Audience:
Study Data Manager,DM Management,Statistician