Sina Adibi

Adaptive Clinical Systems
PO BOX 2632
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
United States


Sina Adibi has over 25 years of experience in healthcare and life sciences informatics and business process outsourcing. Currently, as the CEO and founder of Adaptive Clinical Systems, Sina oversees all facets of the business from strategic planning, product development, sales and marketing, compliance and overall customer satisfaction of his revolutionary clinical trial data integration platform. As a thought-leader in the healthcare and life sciences industry, Sina frequently speaks at conferences and educates his constituency on clinical trial data analytics, interoperability and optimization.
Sina held positions of leadership at a variety of leading healthcare and life science companies. As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Paraxel, Inc., he was responsible for ideation, design and development of all facets of eClinical technology such as IVRS/ IWRS, EDC, CTMS, and medical imaging. As Senior Vice President for Systems and Technology and CTO at Thomson-Reuters Scientific and Healthcare, Sina had responsibility for scientific, technical, medical information management systems, data capture workflow systems, content enhancement, format setup, and publishing. As President of Practical CTO, Inc., Sina concentrated on information technology, workflow systems, and analytics. He is co-founder of superior Media Solutions, a business process and technology outsourcing company in the information publishing industry.

Sina is an active board member of several innovative software companies ranging from medical imaging to diagnostics as well as custom software development companies. He is a graduate of Temple University College of Science and Technology as well as the Temple’s Fox School with concentration in computer software and business.


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