Mr. Abby Abraham

Global Head Data Science
George Clinical


Abby Abraham is the vice president of Data Analytics and Risk-Based Monitoring at Anju Software (previously OmniComm Systems, Inc). Prior to joining OmniComm, he was the co-founder of Algorics and was responsible for ideation, design and operational delivery of Acuity, best-in-class global analytics and RBM enablement platform for clinical research that was acquired by OmniComm Systems. In his current role, he enables ICH-E6(R2) implementation in organizations through optimal technology, process, and staff interventions.
Abby is a pharmacologist by training and healthcare management professional. He has more than 20 years of experience in the clinical research industry and has served in several senior leadership roles within global clinical operations at contract research organizations (CROs).
He actively participates in industry events by sharing his perspectives in various forums. Abby has also authored several articles in reputed scientific publications.


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