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JodyJazz, Chedeville and Rousseau Mouthpieces

Created by world-class Jazz saxophonist and noted Jazz educator Jody Espina, JodyJazz offers unique, premium quality saxophone mouthpieces to meet the needs of discerning professionals and students alike. The new Chedeville range of mouthpieces features an exciting all new selection of Classical Clarinet and Saxophone mouthpiece models. Due to the timeless and ingenious designs of the legendary Dr. Eugene Rousseau, Rousseau Mouthpieces help saxophonists express whatever they are hearing.

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 Press Releases

  • Savannah, GA.....Chedeville has announced the launch of an all-new Clarinet mouthpiece model named the Chedeville SAV series. Though manufactured from start to finish at the JodyJazz factory in Savannah GA, the new Chedeville SAV mouthpieces are less expensive than the top-of-the range Chedeville Umbra and Elite models and are targeted towards students looking for a more affordably priced Chedeville mouthpiece option.  The new model has been named the “SAV” series in tribute to its Savannah birthplace.  

    “The Chedeville SAV Clarinet Mouthpiece combines the best qualities of our Umbra and Elite models,” said Jody Espina, President and Founder of JodyJazz Inc.  “The SAV series has the beautiful dark warmth of the Umbra with the free blowing clean articulation of the Elite. We took everything we have learned from our previous mouthpieces and rolled them into one amazing mouthpiece that is priced so that serious students can afford it.”

    “We are able to offer the SAV series at a lower price simply because we are not using our proprietary Chedeville Rubber,” Espina continued. “By using the industry standard German Hard Rubber we are able to pass on significant savings to the customer.  We have great confidence in the sound, feel and consistency of this mouthpiece since we are using all of our same manufacturing methods, as we use on our high-end models.” 

    The Chedeville SAV Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece is available in a comprehensive selection of tip openings (1/100 MM): 1 (100), 2 (107), 3 (115), 4 (125), 5 (135).

    The new range of Chedeville SAV Clarinet mouthpieces are made at the JodyJazz factory in Savannah, GA. The company starts with rod rubber and then they manufacture them from beginning to end using state of the art CNC machines and expert mouthpiece artisans on the crucial and indispensable handwork. The company has made consistency it’s number one priority and as a result has instituted the most extensive series of mandatory measurements and play testing in the industry. 

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  • E. Rousseau ER50 Series
    In celebration of its 50th Anniversary, Rousseau Mouthpieces has introduced the all new ER50 Series Alto mouthpieces, featuring the ER50 Classic and the ER50 Custom. The first new Rousseau mouthpiece models to be introduced in almost a decade....

  • The ER50 Classic is a celebration and culmination of Dr. Rousseau's original design achievements in saxophone mouthpiece making, whereas players who seek more resistance and a feeling of control associated with many of today's popular Classical mouthpieces will love the ER50 Custom. Both models offer a warm timbre, ease of articulation, and improved low note response. Together we believe the new Rousseau ER50 series mouthpieces represent the state of the art in Classical Saxophone Mouthpieces. 

    Both models are constructed from JodyJazz's proprietary Chedeville Rubber which is a softer hard rubber producing a more beautiful sound. The tapered gold-plated brass ring on the shank gives the sound more warmth, beauty, and subtleness. Two distinct facing curves were designed to achieve the different feeling between the ER50 Classic and the ER50 Custom. Both models measure .064” / 1.63mm tip opening. The ER50 Series models come in a beautiful special presentation box.