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Rovner Products for a lifetime of extraordinary performance!

For decades, music educators have trusted Rovner® Products to give their woodwind players a great foundation and a winning advantage.  The reliable performance of the original, genuine Rovner Dark, continues to make it one of the most popular ligatures worldwide for players at any level of achievement.  But it doesn't stop with the multi-genre, high performance Dark!  Need more presence? Versatility?  Prefer a bell-like tone? Get the most out of your advancing players by stepping them up to our Versa-X, Van Gogh or Platinum models, each of which brings something unique to the playing experience.  Patented and made in the USA, all Rovner® ligatures offer superb intonation, enhanced resonance, durability, and ease of play for any musical genre and in any setting, from the concert hall to the football field.  Want even more Rovner®?  Our patented PROTEUS Rectangular Bore Clarinet Barrel, available in sizes 62 to 68, offers an innovative, affordable way to improve clarinet performance.  And with our NEW Avatar™mouthpiece, you supply the character, we supply the core.  Got woodwind questions? You know we have answers! Come see us!  

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 Press Releases

  • Rovner’s new Deep-V™ Aviva™ saxophone mouthpieces for alto and soprano combine comfort and accessibility with unrivaled clarity.  The Aviva alto #3 excels for classical/concert, the Aviva #7 stands out for jazz, and the Aviva #5 has the versatility for both, by simply varying reed strength. The Aviva alto #5 can satisfy the classical player who prefers a larger tip opening, the jazz player who prefers a smaller tip opening, and is the perfect solution for meeting the multiple needs of the school band player. Easy to play, with a clear, precise tone, the Aviva smooths the transitions between notes, improves articulation, and helps the altissimo register speak with ease.  The unique tip profile and Deep-V table provide a dynamic response unlike any other mouthpiece you’ve played before.  Just introduced this fall, the Aviva™ for soprano is ideal for concert band and acoustic jazz. Includes a Rovner ligature, cap and nifty folding case!

    Rovner’s new Deep-V™ Avatar™ saxophone mouthpieces offer a uniquely large window of playability, allowing you to fine-tune the brilliance and color of your sound based on how high or low you place the reed. The Avatar’s unique tip profile and patented baffle and chamber design change the paradigm from “cut” and “edge” to presence, allowing the full spectrum of sound to move successfully from intention to expression.  It is a low resistance, high-efficiency mouthpiece that frees you from the struggle to be heard and instead creates the opportunity for the true saxophone sound to be fully experienced by your fellow players and your audience.  Available for alto, tenor and bari sax.  Includes a Rovner ligature, cap and nifty folding case!


  • Versa-X Ligature
    Advancing students who got a great start with the Rovner Dark will enjoy the extra performance features offered by the Versa-X. Versatile and perfect for concert and/or jazz/marching bands alike, it's Like getting two ligatures for the price of one!...

  • Perfect for any playing situation, repositionable flaps and a special high-grade metal alloy cradle beneath the reed provide the Versa-X’s tonal versatility. If the flaps are positioned above the cradle causing them to be between the cradle and the reed, you’ll notice a warmer, darker sound. If the flaps are positioned above the cradle causing the cradle to be exposed and contact the reed directly, you will notice more immediate reed response and a brighter tone. Either configuration will also provide a rich, centered core, as well as noticeably improved smoothness and intonation up and down the instrument. From advancing student to professional, the Rovner Versa-X will provide the versatility and reliabilty you need for years to come!