Ottawa,  ON 
  • Booth: 239

Welcome to Wipebook! come and visit our booth 239.

Let's enhance learning with Wipebook reusable Flipcharts and Notebooks!

Studies have shown that non-permanent surfaces encourage students to work out math problems. But, is only one frontal whiteboard enough for your entire class? mmm... you don't have to worry anymore!

Consider filling up all your walls with reusable Wipeboard Flipcharts to increase freedom and flexibility for everyone when working in small teams to have a real engagement and participation of each student. By making mistakes and trying again, they will really think and learn each math lesson. 


We really believe that mistakes are part of the learning process, but it's always easier if you can erase them and try one more time until you get to the right answer than just trough everything away to the trash. With Wipebook you will be able to easily erase with your fingers or a cloth, and try again. Once it's done, save it with our Free Wipebook Scan App that syncs with your Cloud. 

Come and visit our booth 239 and get a sample of one of our top products! you won't regret it!

Brands: Wipebook, reusable whiteboard notebooks and flipcharts.