Win Elements, LLC.

Lake Elsinore,  CA 
United States
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STOP Phone Distractions and STREAMLINE Blended Teaching

WIN ELEMENTS LLC is a teacher-driven company dedicated to empowering teachers and administrators with effective and measurable tools, resources, and solutions to improve students' outcomes and learning equity.

Schools use our unique Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch to STOP phone distractions and misuse, REDEFINE school MTSS, and PROMOTE learning equity. Innovative built-in safety features such as multiple holes/openings allow students to access and control their phones. Its dividing mechanism is not a locking mechanism but prevents students from taking their phones out of the pouches. Anyone can remove the pin with ANY strong-enough magnet in seconds. With proven implementation, schools use Multi-tiered Safe Pouch to put students' safety first while allowing educators to use Safe Pouch as a teaching tool of positive consequences and impactful incentives to transform their schools' learning culture forever. 

Schools also use a centralized and powerful Learning Management System on to unify all teaching, learning, and collaboration across many districts on one website. Interactive grade book and auto-graded assessment alone streamline equity.

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