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Maximum AG Technologies - MAXIMUS

Wesley Lack
Jenison,  MI 
United States
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Max Ag Tech is your wholesale source for the most up to date technologies in the livestock industry such as the Maximus controller, its affiliated software and equipment.

MAXIMUS, the leader in agricultural technology solutions.

More than 25 years of combined experience in the agriculture and IT development fields allow us to design innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

Developed and manufactured in Québec (Canada), the MAXIMUS controller offers automation and monitoring features to manage all the parameters of your livestock buildings. Using the latest mobile and digital technologies, it collects all relevant production data to improve the performance of your operations.

MAXIMUS also offers a complete production monitoring software, MAXIMUS Software, based on data collected in real time. Comparative analysis and customized reports are generated to support quick and informed decisions.

MAXIMUS is the result of a close collaboration between local and international agricultural producers to develop scalable solutions that combine animal welfare and productivity.

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  • MAXIMUS Controller
    Stay connected in real time to your farm! This smart system simplifies the management of your livestock facilities for your peace of mind....

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    -MAXIMUS Controller Section-

    The MAXIMUS controller automates the operation of equipment according to customized parameters.

    • Temperature, humidity, CO2, NH3
    • Ventilation
    • Light
    • Water
    • Feed
    • Generator
    • Power consumption
    • Alarms


    • Sow management
    • Farrowing detection
    • Piglets microenvironment


    • Hog sorter
      • Accurate weighing
      • Automatic sorting
      • Pen inventory

    Manage all parameters remotely and easily.

  • MAXIMUS Software
    Simple management for connected producers. The unique MAXIMUS Software is a complete production monitoring software: sows, nursery and finishing....

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    -MAXIMUS Software Section-

    MAXIMUS Software

    The unique MAXIMUS Software is a complete production monitoring software: sows, nursery and finishing.

    Entirely customizable, this software provides an OVERALL picture of your production no matter what type of controller is installed in your buildings.

    • Data entry on mobile application
    • Synchronization of production tracking for all buildings and sites
    • Reports/tables shared between the producer and stakeholders (veterinarians, integrators, accountants, etc.)
    • Real-time data for quick decisions and interventions
    • Optimization of performance and reduction of production costs
    • Reporting per sow or per group

    Sows Module

    • Printing of customizable sow cards
    • Individual feeding according to body condition and parity
    • Reports tailored to your needs
    • Instant access to sow data

    Nursery-Finishing Module

    • Interface between feed management and accounting system
    • Real-time feed management, electronic orders/invoices import
    • Analysis reports (group ending, mortality, feed costs, etc.)

    Save time and reduce your production costs by using proactive management based on real-time data.

  • MAXIMUS Free Access ESF - Group Housing
    The MAXIMUS Solution offers a centralized smart feeding system that is a cut above the competition. Producers get the most complete and reliable integrated feeding system entirely designed for animal welfare....

  • Visit our Virtual Booth! - MAXIMUS Feeding Solution Section -

    MAXIMUS Free Access ESF - Group Housing

    The system accurately dispenses the required feed for each sow using RFID technology and automated communication between components.

    Feeding Station

    • Capability to feed up to 20 sows per station.
    • RFID reader.
    • Simple and robust design requiring little maintenance.
    • Panels are slotted on the side to ensure the sow’s well-being during feeding.
    • Rear door design that speeds up gilt training.
    • Individual installation or in groups of 2 to 4 stations.
    • Adaptable to any type of building.

    3P Feeder

    • Feeder suitable for any type of feed: mash or pellets.
    • Rotating three-hole plate that allows to distribute small quantities of feed, for great precision.
    • Unique and patented smart “bobble head” feed drop detector that confirms that the sow has been fed.
    • Activation of the feeder when the sow’s tag is read.
    • Measurement of the quantity of feed in the feeder by reading of the amperage. Based on the set parameters, the activation of the feeder will be triggered by the controller.


    • Reading of HDX and FDX electronic tags.
    • When the tag is detected, the feeder dispenses a ration set to each sow individual requirement.
    • Activation of data transfer for all movements, from breeding, gestation to farrowing using MAXIMUS Software mobile app.

    The MAXIMUS Solution offers:

    • The application of a customized feeding matrix based on body condition, parity, number of gestation and lactation days.
    • The possibility to create different feed budgets, curves and schedules. Real-time data import and customizable report generation.
    • Continuous communication with the entire feeding system: bin, feed line, etc., for efficient inventory management.
    • Instantaneous alarms that flag any irregularities

  • The Prevention Solution - Electrical Fault
    Electrical Fault - MAXIMUS has designed a complete solution to prevent fire hazard....

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    - The Prevention Solution Section -

    MAXIMUS - The Prevention Solution

    MAXIMUS has designed a complete solution to prevent fire hazard.


    With NO monthly or annual monitoring service fee,

    • 24/7 MONITORING of the electrical network
    • DETECTION of anomalies
    • Instant ALARM notifications

    The power to act remotely to:

    • IDENTIFY the source of the problem
    • INTERVENE on the connected equipment
    • Established distribution

    The ONLY solution that offers a complete protection.

    • Possible savings on the insurance policy
    • No contract, no monthly payments
    • 5-Year Warranty
    • Established distribution network with certified electricians

    Be vigilant, choose MAXIMUS Prevention.

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