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Natural Biologics/Nor-Feed

Dr. Charlie Elrod
Newfield,  NY 
United States
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    Prolaeis is a broad-spectrum feed mitigant, 20-times more potent than medium-chain fatty acids at reducing infective pathogen load. Research also shows that Prolaeis has anti-inflammatory activity to reduce the diversion of nutrients to fuel inflammation....

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    Monoglycerides significantly reduce infective loads of lipid-membraned viruses

    Reduces challenges from gram-positive pathogens like Pneumococci, Staph. and Strep.

    Reduces inflammation, allowing energy to be used for more productive processes.

    Proglena is a 100% natural, complex carbohydrate derived from algae. The carbohydrate content consists largely of 1,3 linked beta glucan which is highly concentrated....

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    Highly refined, 1,3 linked beta glucan.

    More concentrated and effective than any source of yeast beta glucan.

    Supports innate immune responses.

    Helps animals mount longer-term antibody protection.

    Optishield is a unique combination of monoglycerides, surfactants and oligosaccharides. Monoglycerides and saponin surfactants are well-documented to have antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity. Oligosaccharides are a key part of a biosecurity program....

  • Choose Optishield from Natural Biologics

    New research shows that Optishield’s unique monoglycerides are at least 20 times more potent against the ASF virus than free, or activated, medium-chain fatty acids.

    Delivers a 90% reduction in infective ASF virus in feed within 30 minutes.

    Helps reduce inflammation which can foster viral spread.

    Nor-Grape® is a grape extract standardized in polyphenols (very potent natural antioxidants), proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins. It compensates oxidative stress, improves meat quality and can be used in organic farming....

  • Compensates the oxidative stress

    • Nor-Grape® 80 is a grape extract standardized in polyphenols (very potent natural antioxidants), proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins
    •  Provides water-soluble biological antioxidants

    Product Highlights

    • First botanical additive to be authorized in the 2b category by the European Commission
    • Can be used in organic farming
    • The polyphenols from Nor-Grape® 80 improve meat quality

    Mode of action

    • Provides water-soluble biological antioxidants that compensate oxidative stress
    • The association of vitamin E and grape polyphenols present in Nor-Grape®
      allows for a physiological antioxidant activity equivalent to 100% of vitamin E,
      where at least 50% of the antioxidant activity comes from vitamin E
    • Grape polyphenols present in 1 gram of Nor-Grape® provide a
      physiological antioxidant activity equivalent to that of 11 grams of vitamin E.
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