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Nuhn Industries Ltd

Adam Thomas
Sebringville,  ON 
  • Msg #4359: Booth: SV1112

Welcome to the World Pork Expo 2021 and thank you for joining us! We would like to thank everyone for their continued support throughout these challenging times. Thank you!

Nuhn Industries Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of liquid manure spreaders, 
liquid manure agitators, liquid manure pumps, manure hauling equipment and slurry tankers.

In 1902, Simon Nuhn opened a blacksmith shop in Wartburg, Ontario, Canada. Since then, much has changed as Simon’s small blacksmith shop evolved into Nuhn Industries Ltd., an international manufacturer of liquid manure equipment. With over 100 years of experience and the drive to be innovators in the industry, Nuhn Industries products are second to none.

Brands: Nuhn

 Msg #4368: Products

  • Manure Spreaders
    Nuhn Industries offers a great selection of liquid manure spreaders for all your manure needs. <br />Magnum Top Load, Magnum Vacuum, Magnum Quad Train, Electra-Steer Top Load, Electra-Steer Vac., Electra-Steer Quad Train, Row Crop, Alley Vac. & more!...

  • Magnum Series: 

                Simple, rugged, reliable manure tanks. These non-steering tanks have less moving parts, therefore there is less maintenance. These tanks are the workhorse of the manure industry.

    Electra-Steer Series: 

                Electronic steering tanks provide precise and safe steering with less soil disturbance. The steer angle of the tanker is automatically restricted with higher speeds. 

    Specialty Application: 

    Nuhn Industries offers a great selection of tanks and spreaders for specific manure management; these products include the Alley Vac and Self Propelled Alley Vac, Row Crop Spreaders, Frac Tanks, Truck Mounted Tanks and Oil Vacs. 

    Contact us today for more information!

    Toll Free: 877-837-7323


  • Manure Pumps
    Nuhn Header Series Concept, and overall design allows these pumps to be the most efficient and durable on the market, using less horsepower, and able to stand up to some of the most harsh conditions....

  • Nuhn Industries provides a variety of pumps to meet all your manure pumping and handling needs!

    PTO Driven Manure Pumps include:

    • 8" and 12" Vertical Pit Pumps, designed to reduce resistance and improve flow;

    • 8" and 12" Lagoon Pumps, made to have the fastest load times, using minimal horsepower;

    • 8" and 12" Multi (Vertical) Pit Pumps, created to manage multiple pits at varying depths. 

    • 8" and 12" Fill Pipe (Load Stand), built to withstand high speeds and increased fluid velocities and pressures produced by the Nuhn Pumps. 

    Electric Pumps: 

    • Vertical Electric Pump, incredible efficiency with minimal horsepower required (different diameter options available);

    • Floating Electric Pump, no maintenance on oil bath and drive line couplers are service free; 

    Hydraulic Driven Pumps:

    • 12" Hydraulic Force Feeder;

    Contact us today for more information!

    Toll Free: 877-837-7323


  • Lagoon Crawler
    The Nuhn Lagoon Crawler is a remote controlled agitation boat, designed for agitating lagoons....

  • Built-In Screen:  The Nuhn Lagoon Crawler features an all new Remote Control System, with a built-in screen. The new controls allow users to maintain optimal functionality of the Crawler, as well as manipulate the new and improved GPS Mode.

    Proportional Control: Proportional Control with the Crawler's new Bellypack allows for fine-grained control through feedback mechanisms. With the ability to effectively and accurately control the Crawler, the agitation process becomes safer and consistently reliable.  The more pressure applied on the drive joystick, the faster the Crawler will drive; other functions such as steering and the agitation cannon are also proportional.

    More Toque, Smarter Traction: The Hydraulic System on the Lagoon Crawler has been completely redesigned.  Now with 4000Psi, this system gives insane torque to the wheel drives (18% more torque than 2019 model year, 38% more torque than the 2017 model year). The redesigned Smart Traction Control System prevents wheels from locking by sending more oil to the needed wheel. This allows the Crawler to climb out of steeper pits than previous models.

    Integrated GPS: User's are able to save up to 8 Fence Posts in the lagoon, creating a boundary that the Crawler will stay in. The Crawler will then randomly bounce around within the boundaries, set by the Fence Posts. The Crawler is also equipped with Speed Control, which automatically adjusts the speed depending on the wind direction; slowing down when moving with the wind and increase the speed against wind resistance.

    Contact us today for more information!

    Toll Free: 877-837-7323


  • Injection Equipment
    Row Crop, Electra-Steer Row Crop, High Speed Rotaty Injector, Spike, S-Tine and Tapered Disc...

  • Nuhn’s aggressive research program has produced a wide selection of leading edge injection technology that allows for dramatic yield increases, and at the same time, reduces odour, and surface and sub-surface pollution.

    Row Crop Features:  The Nuhn Row Crop System ensures better use of nitrogen and reduced movement of ammonium, phosphate, pathogens, and other contaminants to surface water via tile drains, because crop roots are actively absorbing nutrients. There is also reduced compaction because the soil is likely drier.

    High-Speed Rotary Injector Features: Simple, low maintenance design eliminates extra moving parts, wear bushings and additional grease points.

    Spike Injector Features: The Spike Injector is used mainly on No-Till and grass applications.

    S-Tine Injector Features: Staggered vibra shank injector tooth, for efficient blending and distribution of manure in the soil. 

    Tapered Disc Features: The Taper Disc Injector works in a wide range of applications and it will not plug in corn stocks.

    Contact us today for more information!

    Toll Free: 877-837-7323



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