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Angela Lahn
Black River Falls,  WI 
United States
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Olmix welcomes you! Thanks to Algae

Olmix Group: algae-based natural solutions for animal nutrition and health

In Animal Care business, Olmix focuses on both animal’s external and internal ecosystems, providing solutions on environmental hygiene, mycotoxin risk, digestive efficiency, welfare and immunity. Olmix also provides technical support and complete programs to raise antibiotic free animals, thanks to algae.

Olmix Group brings natural sources of nutrition and health to plants, animals and people, for a complete, consistent food and health chain, thanks to algae!.

A desire to provide natural alternatives to agricultural additives led to the creation of Olmix Group in Bréhan, at the heart of Brittany (France), in 1995. In almost 25 years, the company has become one of the major global specialists in marine biotechnology and green chemistry.


 Msg #4368: Products

    AlgoFeed+ offers maximum digestibility, essential for optimum growth and performance and allows the use of by-products in the diet. Please contact us at 715-284-3360 or stop by your booth 701 for more info and trial data....

  • Maximizes feed efficiency 
    Based on a combination of clay and algae extracts,  optimizes  the activity of enzymes present in the small intestine, for maximum digestion of the feed and optimum feed efficiency.

    Increases economic performance
    By improving feed conversion ratio and allows feed proucers to provide better performing and more cost-effective feed.

    Allows the use of by-products in the diet by maximizing the digestion of the feed and allows the incorporation of low digestible raw materials in the diet while maintaining the level of performance.

    Algoguard has unique technology to optimize gut integrity and immune function. Please contact us at 715-284-3360 or stop by your booth 701 for more info and trial data....

  • ALGOGUARDTM is based on a combination of two biologically active macroalgae extracts: MSP®IMMUNITY, that balances innate and adaptive immune responses, and MSP®BARRIER which maintains the barrier function of the digestive epithelium.
    MSP® technology
    OLMIX has developed a full macroalgae biorefinery process, going from their harvest to the isolation of biologically active compounds. These innovative sustainable ingredients (OLMIX MSP®) are sulfated polysaccharides coming from the algae cell wall. Their extraction and selection are the key to reveal the full potential of algae! 

    Maintianing optimal intestinal integrity and gut immine response till have a positive impact on the overall immune status and performance of animals.

    Algonite and Algonite-G has optimal protection regarding moisture and mycotoxins in the animal's feed....

  • Mycotoxins are toxic chemical molecules produced by molds. They resist high temperature and anti-mold treatments. Mycotoxins are found in all grains, oilseeds and forages. Corn, corn silage and corn by-products are the highest risk raw materials followed by small grains and straw.  

    Algonite and Algonite-G have unique technology to control moisture.
    Due to it’s patented complexation of clay and algae, Olmix technology is able to increase the space between the layers of clay by up to 10 times. This increase in space provides a greater surface area than any other product available for moisture control.

    Did you know? 
    Iodine is an essential micro mineral in the synthesis of the thyroid hormones that play an important role in temperature regulation and also in the functions of lactation, muscle function, immune defense, normal blood and lymph circulation and seasonality of reproduction.  
    AlgoniteTM is a good source of organic iodine in addition to being a very efficient moisture controller.

    Mistral & Alize are environmental hygiene products with high drying capacities and reduces stress in the presence of the animals. - Made in the USA - Packaged in 40lb bags...

    The challenge: moisture is a fertile breeding ground for germs that increase bacterial pressure and ammonia production. It is also a source of discomfort for animals. Reducing moisture represents a major challenge for improving environmental safety. 
    The solution: these two products are a dessicant powder, composed of dried and micronized clay, selected minerals and essential oils. Both products can be used for all species.
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