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Rocky George
New Madison,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: V176

Welcome to International Ag Distribution! We provide solutions through our inovative products and our ability to design new products for every day on farm use.

Who We Are

North American distributor for AMG, BioFlo, Formula, and Stalosan F products. Over 40+ years in the purebred and commercial swine industry. Experience spans farrow to finish operation, show pig industry, and boars stud management.
International Ag Distribution is focused on the market by staffing individuals from the swine industry that can educate and train clients in the field and remotely. Experienced consultation in proper breeding timing protocols and PCAI technology, Bio Security and Reproduction. It is simply not acceptable to just take orders for our products. We provide solutions.

A selection of key contributions to our client’s success includes the following:

  • Increased conception rates
  • Increased numbers born
  • Reduced feed cost associated with non-productive swine
  • Reduced labor cost due to improved breeding efficiencies
  • Increased profit for client






 Show Specials

  • IAD will be having a drawing for a case of Medi Nova F8 swine semen extender at the World Pork Expo. One case of a 150 packages of one-litter F8. Entries must be made at booth V176 between June 8 and June 10. Winner will be drawn at 12:45 on June 10. Winner will be announced to the public the week after the show. Need not be present to win. Simply fill out the entry in full to qualify.

  • (20220520)
    We will be offering a show special on F8 extender in cases of 150 qty, 1 Litter packages. This will be limited to inventory available during the show. No rain checks will be available.


  • Stalosan Drying Agent
    Stalosan F plays an important role in the farm biosecurity system, providing around the clock protection....

  • Stalosan F plays an important role in the farm biosecurity system, providing around the clock protection to the animals during the whole production cycle; furthermore, it reduces the pathogen pressure and increases the overall health and profitability of the herd.

    Below are many benefits documented by universities;

    Reduces PEDV by 99+%.
    Reduces PRRS 67 – 100%, temperature dependent.
    Increased conception when used in breeding pens.
    Reduces mastitis and metritis when used in gestation pens.
    Increased weaning weights.
    Chemically binds and neutralizes ammonia irreversibly.
    Controls all types of salmonella.
    Controls fly population, reducing contamination from outside the herd.
    Can be used as a drying agent on newborn pigs.
    Apply to sow’s teats prior to farrowing to reduce pathogens and stimulate milk secretion.
    Can be used in foot baths.
    Reduces morbidity.
    Reduces scours.
    Reduces mortality.
    Reduces diarrhea by 50%.
    Reduces pneumonia cases by 50%.
    Reduces the cost of medication.
    Please review the below documents defining University testing and product specifications.

    Bags are 33 pounds each. Pallets contain 60 bags. Please contact me if you can see Stalosan F as a fit in your program.

  • Formula Semen Extenders
    The Formula Products available are Formula 3, Formula 5, Formula 8 and Formula 12 all named for shelf life (days) for which they conserve the viability of each dose of fresh boar semen....

  • Formula 12 Swine extra-long-term semen extender.

    Up to 12 days. The functional Modulator action shows its maximum potential in an extra-long-term storage. Its biotechnology improves the performances of the semen, since an innovative system allows a control release of the available energy source. Buffer capability to guarantee optimum pH and osmolality in longer periods. Antibacterial optimization activity. Improves the activity and fertility of the preserved sperm. 18 months guaranteed stability stored at +5°C/30°C.

    Formula 8 Swine long term semen extender.

    Up to 8 days. Semen quality and length guarantee by a new and innovative modulated energy source. Control of available energy through a modular activator. Made to increase the stability against the sperm metabolic product. Antibacterial long-term action. Improves the strength of sperm membrane protecting it from the low temperatures. 18 months guaranteed stability stored at +5°C/30°C.

    Formula 5 Swine medium term semen extender.

    Up to 5 days. Break-even point in your artificial insemination program. Controlled emission of the energy. Constant chemical-physical environment through the time. High efficiency antibacterial combination. Practical and user friendly. 18 months guaranteed stability stored at +5°C/30°C.

    Formula 3 Swine short term semen extender.

    Up to 3 days. Formula 3 releases energy to the fecundation. Practical and user friendly. Physical-chemical constant environment for the semen. New antibacterial combination. 18 months guaranteed stability stored at +5°C/30°C.
  • AMG PCAI Catheters
    AMG PCAI catheters. The only patented design utilizing a membrane to traverse the cervix into the uterus. 100% safe to breed gilts and sows....

  • A quick outline of steps for use.

    1 Heat check and put the boar away. This will stimulate the females into standing heat.

    2 Wait 20-30 minutes. The delay will allow the female to cycle into refractory heat.

    a. Standing heat starts the cervical contractions.

    b. After 20-30 minutes the contractions will continue but will become weak allowing the diaphragm to traverse the cervix more easily.

    3 Lubricate the foam tip of the catheter.

    4. Load the catheter in an upward motion into the cervix with a good push and a twist in the female to be bred. (If breeding in crates you can load the catheter in up to 10 females and then move to the next step.)

    5 Pull back on the catheter to straighten the cervix.

    6 Hold the catheter at the base of the vulva. This will keep the catheter from moving if the female moves during insemination. If the catheter moves, you will potentially have the foam tip of the catheter up against a fold preventing the diaphragm from deploying.

    7 Attach the bottle / tube / bag squeeze the bottle / tube / bag quickly. This will deploy the diaphragm through the cervix.

    8 After insemination tip the catheter in a downward motion with the bottle / tube / bag still attached. If the diaphragm did not deploy semen will run back into the bottle / tube / bag. No run back then insemination is successful.

    9. Remove the catheter from the female by pulling back on the catheter.