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MAI Animal Health is THE SOURCE for solutions in animal healthcare.  With extensive experience and expertise across multiple veterinary disciplines and species, each of the companies under MAI Animal Health share a core commitment to ongoing research and creating simple, but cutting-edge developments. As the manufacturers of the vast majority of products offered, we are able to stand behind reliable, consistent products with unparalleled service and support.

Established to streamline your buying experience, MAI Animal Health has brought together our diverse array of trusted brands that have been in existence for more than 40 years. Products that were previously only available through our separate manufacturing sites are now available to purchase from one source. Recognized globally, MAI Animal Health proudly offers products through our valued distributor and dealer partners.

Brands: Genesis Industries, Genesis Instruments and MAI


    The SELECT DOSER™ product line offers proportional additive pumps ideal for agricultural and industrial operations to accurately dispense vaccines, medications, vitamins, sanitizers and other solutions into low or high pressure watering systems....

  • The Select Doser™ includes built-in Dosing Solutions control software and durable industry leading motors / pumps. Unlike many pumps on the market that corrode overtime, the Select Doser™ is corrosion resistant. The peristaltic pump design prevents aggressive products from contacting the working parts of the pump. This action also prevents dangerous cross contamination and product backfl­ow. In addition to up-to-the-minute data on water ‑ow, the on-screen menu allows the operator to select custom settings including meter only feature, dosing ratio selection, sensor selection, custom ratio adjustment, priming option, and water consumption total. Through peristaltic action, the Select Doser™ yields precise water-to-product ratios with over 95% ACCURACY. The accuracy of the unit prevents overdosing – saving the user money and resulting in fewer health problems in livestock operations. Accuracy means faster gains!

  • Power Doser™
    The Power Doser™ system offers a pneumatic handheld delivery system that can be utilized with all livestock medication needs....

  • The POWER DOSER™ is capable of delivering an accurate and consistent dose, whether the application is by injection, intranasal spray, oral drench, or pour-on. Various inlet diameters, attachments, and accessories are available to accommodate di­fferent viscosities and application techniques of dispensed products.

    The LECTRAVET™ ELECTRONIC INJECTOR / ELECTRONIC COUNTER is a battery-driven electric instrument designed for treating animals in high volume and confinement operations with reliable and consistent dosage delivery of vaccines and medicants....

  • The LECTRAVET™ Design features: short set-up time and rapid operation speed; injections delivered in less than one second. Minimal maintenance requirements. Accurate dose administration with every use, as well as storage of dosing information. Ability to deliver injection to multiple tissue depths, from subcutaneous to intramuscular. Minimized repetitive stress injuries to user. Long-lasting parts. Suitable for use on all ages of animals. Lightweight and portable. An IPX5 water resistance rating. Battery Pack can deliver up to 4,000 injections on a single charge.