Brookside Agra L.C.

Tim Nelson
O Fallon,  IL 
United States
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Brookside Agra is a global fifth-generation, family-owned business based in O'Fallon, IL that manufactures and distributes a variety of research-proven, all-natural products for specialty feeds; animal health and production; agriculture and the environment; and commercial, industrial and household use. For more information about Brookside Agra and its all-natural products and services, visit, call our home office at +1(618) 628-8300 or reach out to our VP of Animal Health & Nutrition, Mr. Tim Nelson (e-mail:, Cell: (402) 560-7381.  

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  • Flobond
    An all-natural binder and anti-caking agent that is proven in multiple laboratory studies and field trials to bind with mycotoxin in feed and grains to form a larger particle that is unable to pass through an animal's gut wall....

  • In 1988, researchers at Brookside Agra created Flo-Bond.
    Today it is sold on every continent and in over 92 countries.
    Headquartered in O’Fallon, IL, Brookside Agra develops, manufactures
    and distributes specialty feed additives and agricultural products. For
    five generations, Brookside Agra has remained committed to creating
    superior products at competitive prices.
  • Ammocure Yucca 15% Meal or 30% Powder
    A specially formulated, all-natural source of saponin derived from the Yucca Schidigera plant for addition to animal feeds to control animal waste volume and odor....

  • Brookside Agra's specially formulated, all-natural source of saponin derived from the Yucca Schidigera plant is available in meal, liquid and powder formulas. When added to animal feeds, Ammocure works to naturally control animal waste volume and odor. For more information about Ammocure and all of Brookside Agra's specialty feed additives, visit
  • Absorb Plus
    Absorb Plus is an all-natural, multi-purpose drying agent that provides sustained suppression and elimination of ammonia, moisture and odors in animal production and housing facilities such as swine housing trucks and trailers...

  • Absorb Plus is proven to:

    • Improve air quality for animals and humans through excellent ammonia control
    • Promote healthier animal environments, resulting in reduced death loss and increased profits
    • Not harm humans, animals or the environment
    • Contain all-natural and antibiotic-free ingredients and no phosphorus

    Composed of 80% hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate and a 20% mineral mix of iron, zinc and copper, Absorb Plus contains no phosphorus, which eliminates concerns regarding manure management and application, and it poses no health threat to animals or humans. All of its separate components are on the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list.

    Brookside Agra uses private and university testing facilities to ensure a superior final product, making Absorb Plus a safe, high-quality and cost-effective multi-purpose drying agent that can be easily sprayed or blown on any surface, including the animals.

    For more information about Absorb Plus, visit or contact Tim Nelson, Vice President – Animal Health & Nutrition Sales at 402-560-7381 or

  • Runt Rescue
    A fast-acting and efficient nutrient supplement for weak and newborn piglets with a birth weight below 1,000 grams. Given right after birth, liquid Runt-Rescue™ helps to reduce mortality in large litters and prevents weak piglets from starving....

  • Show pig breeders like Peyton Hill trust our fast-acting nutrient supplement Runt-Rescue to give struggling newborn piglets a chance at survival. 
     Peyton Hill
    "To the man(I’m terrible with names) at the WPX you will never know how much I appreciate your 10 min talk with me about this product. 
     I will no longer farrow without it in the basket! We had a tough time with babies this morning and one squirt they were up and nursing within 15 minutes!!!"    - Peyton Hill (Satisfied Customer)
    Runt Rescue contains all-natural ingredients: Vitamins A, D and E; Selenium; MDFA rich fats; sunflower and coconut oil; and caffeine.