Kubus Lab S.A.

Sofía Martín
Las Rozas de Madrid,  Madrid 
  • Booth: V235

KUBUS was founded in 1986 and is distinguished by having developed the first commercially available long term
and high protection boar semen extender, MRA®
, thus revolutionizing the practice of artificial insemination (AI) in
pigs, which until then was in its infancy. Since KUBUS’ origins in 80’s, the company has been characterized by
being heir to the great work carried out by the distinguished researcher and KUBUS’ its founder, Dr Santiago
Martin Rillo. In addition to developing the technology for the conservation of semen, he carried out the essential
task of disseminating knowledge and know-how of assisted reproduction techniques and reproductive
management in pig farms. With this, he greatly contributed to the standardization and globalization of swine AI
techniques at an international level.

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  • MR-A. Long-Term Semen Extender
    Long-term semen extender MR-A® is an extender specially designed to protect the integrity of sperm cells after the dilution process....

  • MR-A® greatly improves fertility and prolificacy results from the first day of preservation, compared to, more economical, short and medium-term extenders. It
    allows boar semen preservation for up to 7 days. MR-A® is also well known for the presence of high-quality buffers in its formula, exerting extraordinary control on pH oscillations during semen dose preservation time. It reduces precipitation of proteins, favoring cellular metabolism balance, and greatly reduces agglutination (or clumping) of sperm cells.

    The extender optimally controls bacterial growth during semen preservation, by the presence of broad-spectrum antimicrobial substances. MR-A® is the trusted semen extender for thousands of farmers!

    MR-A® is manufactured under GMP quality certification, as well as ISO 9001 standards. it starts from high-quality raw materials and very strict controls which guarantee its efficiency, stability, and safety.

    ​The KUBUS W3 ultrasound scanner is designed to be ergonomic and easy to use in farms....

  • Wireless scanner with excellent image

    Containing the most advanced wireless and image technology, the W3 sectorial probe allows
    gestational diagnostics to be performed at 19 days post insemination, dorsal fat measurements,
    pubescent or non-pubescent gilt diagnostics, as well as reproductive afflictions such as cysts and
    vaginal discharges. 
    The system, therefore, reduces non-productive days on farm through the possibilities previously described. The W3 probe is user-friendly, lightweight, and compatible with android devices such as tablets and smartphones.
    The software allows image and video storage, as well as Excel and PDF reports generation. Conventional probes need to connect to a viewing system via cables. The W3 probe is equipped with the latest data transfer and imaging technology, not requiring cables for it to function. Tablets, mobile phones, or any Android device can therefore connect to the W3 probe wireless