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Catherine Laravoire
  • Booth: V190

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  • LBiotix
    LBiotix is a pioneering postbiotic solution to maintain a healthy gut in piglets, that supplies stabilized Lactobacillus cell bodies and metabolites, solving the stability problems of live Lactobacillus probiotics....

  • LBiotix: The Pioneer in postbiotics.

    • A combination of two human-origin strains: L. fermentum and L. delbrueckii (both stored at Pasteur Institute in Paris) and the fermented culture medium.
    • Following several steps of controlled fermentation, the bacteria are inactivated by heat treatment and dried with their metabolites and culture medium.   LBiotix can then be defined, following 100 years of research and decades of published research, as a “pioneer in postbiotics”.
    • LBiotix, being inactivated and stabilized microorganisms, provide a wide flexibility of use to feed manufacturers and swine producers. They can be stored in a large range of environments and incorporated into various feed manufacturing process while still retaining their efficacy.
    • Recent studies have shown that LBiotix maintain gut health in piglets even in the event of challenging conditions in farms. Particularly when piglets are facing E coli form F4 and F18 strains.