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  • Haven MicroClimate
    The Haven uses a reflective heat shield mounted above a heating element and surrounded by curtains to create a uniform and nurturing environment for newborn piglets....

  • The Haven is the biggest advancement in the world of farrowing technology since the heat lamp. This innovative system uses a reflective heat shield mounted above a heating element and surrounded by curtains to create a uniform and nurturing environment for newborn piglets.

    The result, as multiple independent studies confirm: 20% reduction in pre-wean mortality and 50% less energy use. That’s why Haven is used and trusted by high-value producers, researchers, and genetics companies.

    Available in two configurations

    Haven with Control

    • Multifunction displays

    • Current heat temp under the shield

    • Heating icon or idle status

    • Easy recovery from power loss

    • Automatically senses the temperature under the shield

    • Maintains an ideal temperature

    • 28-day cycle with predetermined temperature control

    Haven without Control

    • Designed for room controller-equipped barns

    • Custom temperature ramp

    • Adaptable to your protocol

    • Plug in and go

    • Consistent power on each unit 

  • NanoMat
    The Nanomat is built around a graphene panel that provides a consistent heat output of +30°f over ambient temperature at a max draw of 135w....

  • The NanoMat is a major innovation on a long-standing heat solution in the pork production industry. Our mat is built around a graphene panel that provides a consistent heat output of +30°f over ambient temperature at a max draw of 135w.

    Graphene is a unique material that provides decades of use in other heating applications thanks to its strong atomic bond. We guarantee years of dependable use in your barn, backed by our industry-leading 5-year warranty.

    The durable, double-insulated, and waterproof shell of the NanoMat makes cleaning fast and easy. The top surface is comfortable and consists of non-slip, nickel patterned texturing that ensures piglets get all the heat they need with a lower risk of injury.

    Compatible with all major room control systems. Custom temperature curves available upon request.

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    The NanoMat

    • Even heat  

    • Comfortable top surface

    • Easy washdown

    • 40% more efficient than heat lamps

    • 5-year warranty

  • DownFire
    Cost-effective heating that's more consistent than traditional heat lamps....

  • The DownFire is a unique overhead farrowing heating solution for pork producers of all sizes. One DownFire unit provides enough even, comfortable heat for an entire piglet litter while keeping energy usage low.

    In contrast to high-maintenance heat lamps, the DownFire doesn’t require a single bulb change throughout its lifetime. That means a significantly lower cost to own and fewer man-hours needed for maintenance.

    The DownFire is made for all farrowing environments. Its lightweight yet durable housing is perfect for tight rooms and easy to clean. The top is insulated, preventing heat escape and ensuring safe handling.

    Two mounting options are available: Hang the DownFire from existing chains in your farrowing rooms, or mount it on the stall with its height-adjustable arms.

    Compatible with all major control systems. Custom temperature curves available upon request.

    DownFire Heating

    • Safe and easy handling
    • Even, effective heat
    • Integrates into existing systems
  • Sentry Tablet & Tracker
    The Sentry Tablet is rugged and built to last. It can streamline data entry and eliminate errors in the barn.<br />The Sentry Tracker is a revolutionary activity monitor that allows you to track your herd’s behavior and stay up to date on animal health....

  • Sentry Tablet

    The Sentry Tablet is a rugged, powerful Android device that’s built to withstand day-to-day use in the barn. MIL-STD 810H certified, 6-foot drop test approved, and engineered to survive dust, liquid and more.

    Uncompromising Toughness

    • 7” glove-enabled Gorilla Glass touchscreen

    • Ultra-rugged, mil-spec IP67 body

    • Best-in-class battery life

    • Industry-leading 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty

    The Sentry Tablet’s compact design and flexibility make it more than capable for any task in the barn. Equip it with the adjustable hand strap and waist holster to easily enter data on the go or dock it in the office and transfer information to the computer.

    Configurable & Customizable

    • 4G LTE

    • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

    • Barcode & RFID Readers

    Whether you have an established digital data system or you’re just beginning to expand into tech-driven pork production, the Sentry Tablet can fit your needs.

    Customize its pre-loaded software and get headache-free 24/7 support with FarrPro’s IT team for the most seamless transition possible.

    Sentry Tracker

    The Tracker detects, reports, and logs common movement behaviors such as standing, lying, eating, and drinking, while the environment sensors keep a log of both the animal’s body temperature and the room temperature. When combined, this data provides new insights into the health of your herd and allows you to identify problems far earlier than humans can. Make treatment decisions and operational changes based on data, not observation.

    Sentry Tracker data can be stored and accessed on our Sentry Tablets or on a remote cloud server for access wherever and however you need it. Fine-tune and prove the performance and efficiency of your facilities and practices.

    • Detect animal behaviors
    • Monitor body and ambient temperatures
    • Identify problems early
    • Optimize your farrowing environment
    • 1-year battery life