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Explore a new revenue stream with Renewable Natural Gas.

Manure and other waste management is a headache and resource drain.  Consider the option of transforming this headache into a new revenue stream through anaerobic digestion and Renewable Natural Gas.  Guild Associates manufactures a wide variety of upgrading equipment to transform biogas into Renewable Natural Gas, suitable for injection into the national pipeline grid.  The current and future selling price of biogas is well above its value as a commodity.  Guild Associates has new low-cost, low maintenance and high reliability biogas upgrading equipment that is sized for individual farms.  Stop by and discuss your potential project with our experts! 

Brands: MolecularGate, NanoGate, MicroGate, BSR-050

 Press Releases

  • Guild Associates is proud to accept the American Biogas Council Innovation of the Year award given during the annual BIOGAS AMERICAS Conference held May 24-26, 2022.  The NanoGate Biogas Upgrading Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) System is a single-skid solution that enables small farms and water treatment plants to participate in the growing Renewable Gas Market.  Below is the citation from the American Biogas Council in their press release.

    The NanoGate Biogas Upgrading PSA from Guild Associates, Inc. was bestowed the distinction of American Biogas Council 2022 Innovation of the Year for its ability to economically scale down the production of RNG from biogas. At a flow as low as 15 SCFM, this technology allows RNG to be produced on smaller farms, water resource recovery facilities, and food waste digesters where economical RNG production was previously much less feasible. The cost of most other competing technologies is often too high for smaller biogas projects, so this technology has the potential to help thousands of new projects get built to recycle their organic waste into renewable energy in the form of renewable natural gas.


  • NanoGate™
    The award-winning NanoGate™ is the gateway for smaller farms to get into the new revenue stream that is Renewable Natural Gas. NanoGate is a simple and autonomous one-skid solution that upgrades your biogas for CNG or pipeline insertion....

  • Guild Associates is a manufacturer of biogas upgrading equipment.  Biogas upgraded from hog manure can have a retail value of up to $80/MMBTU, compared to the current commodity value of $5/MMBTU for natural gas.  The NanoGate™ system is a one-skid solution with minimal site preparation for upgrading digester biogas to RNG.  NanoGate features autonomous operation, high uptime and low operator interface.  But what separates NanoGate from the competitor is what it does not have:  No replaceable media for hydrogen sulfide, no refrigeration system for water removal, and no complicated pretreatment systems to maintain.  NanoGate allows the individual farmer or digester operator to separate out the collective risk for a cluster farm biogas project and assure that their gas will always find a path to market.