Mitch Wilking
Mankato,  MN 
United States
  • Booth: V670

Welcome to World Pork Expo 2022! Please stop by and visit the HerdStar team at booth V670. We'll be displaying our market-leading MicroZone and BinTrac solutions.

BinTrac® by HerdStar®, is the leading supplier of feed bin weighing systems for more than 20 years. The patented A-frame bracket assembly provides ease of installation combined with precision weighing accuracy required for hog operations. BinTrac Vision, our remote data collection and monitoring technology, along with web-based reporting is ideal for both feed inventory management and live operations to provide a true ROI.  HouseLink communication interface options are designed to transmit data from the BinTrac bin weighing system to third-party house controllers.

MicroZone™ by HerdStar®
Over 2 million sows trust their piglets to MicroZone™ heat lamp and mat control. MicroZone controls automatically adjust heat output from heat lamps and mats based on room temperature changes and a growing animal’s needs. Our system is easy to use and can save users 30% or more in energy costs! With these energy cost savings, MicroZone, on average, pays for itself within a year to eighteen months. If you factor in rebates from electrical companies it could be as little as six months. Reduce energy costs and save money with MicroZone.

Brands: BinTrac® by HerdStar® - Weight-Based Feed Bin Monitoring Solutions MicroZone™ by HerdStar® - Automatic Control System for Heat Lamps and Mats


  • BinTrac
    BinTrac is a modular, expandable bin weighing system with data collection and remote monitoring capabilities, offering unmatched accuracy and reliability....

  • BinTrac installs easily and enables real-time feed bin monitoring. From a single bin to a multi-site system with remote monitoring, BinTrac can be configured to meet both current and future needs. Installation is easy on existing and loaded bins using the patented load cell bracket assembly, eliminating the need for cranes or other external lifting mechanisms.  System provides real-time bin inventory by weight, 24-hour feed use for each of the past 4 days, and verification of feed deliveries.  One-year warranty covers lightning damage to load cells – extended warranty available. Requires no calibration.
  • MicroZone
    MicroZone automatic control systems for heat lamps and mats help provide a safer, healthier environment for newborn pigs....

  • MicroZone automatic control systems for heat lamps and mats help provide a safer, healthier environment for newborn pigs.

    Every year, pre-weaned pig mortality costs U.S. hog producers tens of $millions in lost profits. Poorly regulated supplemental heat is a significant factor in these losses, making newborn pigs more susceptible to sickness and disease. High or low temperatures also force piglets away from the safe area of the heat source and increase their risk of being crushed by the sow. 52% of pre-wean losses are due to crushing.

    At the same time, energy costs continue to climb and erode profitability. Agricultural energy specialists expect electrical rates will continue to rise and some believe it is likely that cost-saving programs such as “Off-Peak” will be eliminated. Yet, unlike many costs of production, electrical consumption is an expense you can control. You know that growing pigs need less supplemental heat with each passing day. The challenge is how to reduce power while maintaining the optimum temperature for the pigs. 

    No other system, at any price, does a better job of managing supplemental heat and energy use.

    0-100% Variable Power Output • Programmable Temperature Ramp • Room Temperature Compensation