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Bob Moore
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IFF Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health helps animal producers resolve “profit, performance, and planet” challenges by maximizing return on investment through delivery of optimized enzyme, betaine and probiotic technologies. Our uniqueness centers on our ability to deliver value-driven healthy nutrition solutions, many of which are industry “firsts” based on combining these technologies. For more from IFF Danisco Animal Nutrition, visit us on the Web at www.iff.com or stop by our booth in the Varied Industries BUilding at V811

Brands: Axtra® PHY GOLD - Phytase from leaders in enzyme technology / Betafin® - Natural Betaine at its finest DFMs - The key to producing high quality pork


  • Axtra® PHY GOLD
    The gold standard of feed phytases<br />- Improves sustainability by lowering inorganic phosphate use <br />- Delivers market leading thermostability <br />- Drives cost savings for producers<br />The most bioefficacious feed phytase on the market.<br />...

  • Superior performance = Cost savings

    Phytate needs to be hydrolysed as quickly as possible in order to reduce its negative impact, but this requires a phytase enzyme that is highly active at the low pH in the animal’s upper digestive tract. Axtra® PHY GOLD has been developed with this in mind. Its superior pH profile means it works twice as fast as other competitor phytases. A beneficial mode of action which has been shown to: • Improve the release and subsequent uptake of phosphorous, calcium, energy and amino acids • Reduce the anti-nutrient effects of phytate • Deliver greater feed cost savings.

    Sustainable benefits

    The commercial practice of using significant amounts of highly digestible inorganic phosphate to supplement the diets of monogastric animals is increasingly being questioned on environmental grounds; both in terms of pollution from animal faeces and the depletion of finite resources. Yet phosphorous is known to play a key role in animal growth and bone development, so is an important dietary nutrient. Axtra® PHY GOLD is a compelling solution. Its superior bioefficacy means that it is possible to eliminate inorganic phosphate from diets high in phytate and still maintain animal performance with normal growth characteristics - as demonstrated in a recent broiler study.

    Market-leading thermostability

    Processing feed into pellets is known to benefit both animal performance and feed efficiency; making it by far the preferred delivery format. But not all enzymes are heat stable, which means they are rendered inactive by the pelleting process. So evaluating the pelleting performance of your chosen feed phytases in vital - particularly when you have little control over the pelleting conditions or harsher pelleting conditions are required for biosecurity reasons. With Axtra® PHY GOLD, you can be sure of superior thermostability. Developed with a unique protective coating that provides excellent heat stability, it has been shown to outperform other commercial phytases under a wide range of pelleting conditions.