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United States
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Precision Lighting Systems, Inc. - Trusted name, since 1989

Since 1989, we are MADE IN THE USA. That’s one of the many reasons Precision Lighting stays so far ahead of foreign importers and resellers claiming to be manufacturers. Another reason is our unique design and engineering perspective. Our team spends time with integrators, equipment distributors, service personnel, farmers, electricians, and even freight companies to fully understand what each party perceives as a need or challenge. Precision Lighting then meets those challenges through extensive research and engineering. We stay several steps ahead of everyone else.

Because dedication to customer satisfaction is so important to us, we place upper-level management on the front lines of customer service. It’s essential to every member of the Precision Lighting family that integrators, distributors, farmers, and livestock are all happy and satisfied using our products. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service has helped earn us a reputation as a leader in the industry.

Brands: The Performer™ MR4™ 2400 Digital LED Dimming System The Dominator™ TLC-300™ Full Breaker Box Lightning and Surge Protector The Propagator® HPS Lighting System The AG25™ LED Fixture IP65 Rated


  • The Performer™ MR4 2400 LED Dimming System
    Made in the USA, the MR4 2400 is the standard bearer of agricultural LED dimming. This 20 amp unit is easy to install and operate. With extensive inrush current protection, and superior kickback voltage protection, the MR4 is the superior choice....

  • The PLS MR4 2400™ is a 120 volt, 2400-watt, 20-amp two leg digital LED dimming system. Engineered to better withstand the heavy inrush current and powerful kickback voltage caused by large loads of LEDs, the MR4™ gives superior smooth dimming to the lowest level ability of the LED lamp being used. The MR4™ features an outstanding Kicker™ to energize LEDs being turned on, even at the lowest levels. Our One-Shot™ gives the user a single button push to increase light levels while observing or working in the facility. The One-Shot™ automatically returns the lights to the original level, without having to re-engage the dimmer. Generator friendly and 3-Phase compatible, this is the rugged dimming system designed for today’s farm. As the #1 agriculture digital LED dimming system in North America, the MR4™ offers an important end-user option that does not trap the user into one brand of LEDs, but allows the user to find the best product for the farm. Not just the better dimmer, it’s the BEST!

  • The Dominator™ TLC-300™ Panel Box Protector
    The Dominator™ TLC-300™ Made in the USA Lightning Arrestor & Surge Capacitor for full Panel Box. Wired in parallel to the panel, the TLC-300™ covers all breakers with lightning & surge protection to all breakers. Patented components, American workmanship....

  • The Dominator™ TLC-300™ is our Made in the USA Lightning Arrestor and Surge Capacitor for a full Panel Box. Wired in parallel to the panel box, The Dominator™ covers all breakers, giving true lightning protection and surge protection to anything powered by one of those breakers. With a prominent indicator light on the front of the unit, the TLC-300™ only takes a glace to see it is working. Included is a separate data/phone line protector to reduce the chance of lightning damage to the controller.

    Designed to take multiple hits, if a component is finally damaged by lightning or a surge, the component will sacrifice itself to help ensure the safety of the equipment it is protecting. These components are replaceable, should they ever sacrifice themselves.

    Maximum Current: 106,000 Amps

    Maximum Energy:  3,000 joules, per pole

    Patented components, American workmanship, and over 20-years of success. The Dominator™ TLC-300™, peace of mind in the storm.

  • Ag25™
    The AG25™, the backbone LED light in Agriculture. 25w, 2700K, 3000K, & 5000K. IP65 Rated, waterproof & dust proof. Engineered to maintain 99% lumens, each year, this 5-Year full replacement warranty provides excellent light output, well over 10 years....

  • More light, fewer LED fixtures. The AG25™ is the most consistent LED fixture for agriculture. Used in Swine, Poultry, and Dairy, the exceptionally well-engineered light fixture allows for full worry free washdowns, as it is IP65 Rated, making it WaterProof (not damp location rated, as most LEDs are listed) and Dust Proof. With 2700K available for Poultry layers and Breeders, 3000K and 5000K for Broilers and Pullets, and 5000K for Swine and Dairy, this impressive LED fixture is versatile, long lasting, and designed to withstand the rigors of animal agriculture.