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Jeff Ruiter
Pella,  IA 
United States
  • Booth: V106


  • Agtronix FeedPro
    FEEDPROTM is your “best cost” choice for a feed system, because<br />AgtronixTM offers more automation and quality feed-making features<br />for your money.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />​...

  • Agtronix\RuiterInnovations’ primary products are automated systems for metering and mixing grain on the fly within the ag milling industries. This innovative and well-sought-after product is an advanced metering system that measures grain on the fly with exact weights. This precision is mandatory within the mixing and feed industries. It is pivotal for keeping recipes and a final product consistent. Although the Agtronix System allows enhanced stability for the Ruiter Innovations customers, there is room for improvement.

    With innovation as a foundation block for Ruiter Innovations, we take great pride in listening to our customers, absorbing their feedback, and looking for ways to refine products and gain an edge over competitors. From this research we understand that the ag feeding  industry is taking new form. After a period of large corporate feeding groups, we are seeing a trending back towards more privately held feeding groups and new feeding industry segments. In addition, farmers are grouping together to buy new systems to help save money on the cost of feed.

    One of the most prevalent challenges in these industries is maintaining product quality and consistency. Product stability depends on the production equipment's quality, performance, and lack of deviation in ingredient measurements. Batch feeding equipment has not seen the necessary technological advancements to address these challenges. 

    Ruiter Innovations seeks to address these issues and relieve the strenuous burden of inconsistencies and the labor-intensive process of system production with new technology solutions. So, what does this look like for Agtronix? An ongoing drive to continue to develop and built excellent feed processing systems which provide high quality and consistency. In addition, with this automation there is a significant reduction in the amount of labor needed to produce the feed. One of our key customers went from 5 people in the feed mill down to 1. In our current environment of a labor shortage, this is a significant competative advantage!

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