Lance Koester
Brandon,  SD 
United States
  • Booth: V757

MACSO’S AI (Artificial Intelligence) Audio Sensors Tackle Labor Shortage Challenges and Enhance Herd Health in Swine Production

MACSO has developed an innovative solution to help address labor shortages and herd health management in the swine industry. MACSO’s solution provides 24/7 wellness monitoring of animals, specifically focusing on respiratory events (coughing) and pinpointing the location for treatment. The solution is accurate, user-friendly and easy to install.

The MACSO AI 24/7 audio sensors provide a valuable solution for swine producers facing the challenges of labor shortage, skilled labor and herd health management. The system gives you a “24/7 Herdsman” and with its consistent and objective reporting helps producers make informed decisions about their herd health management.

The around-the-clock monitoring and earlier detection of respiratory issues help farmers pinpoint the problem area, save on treatment costs, prevent higher mortality rates and ensure the health of their herd.

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