Todd Pringnitz

White Knuckle Productions


Todd Pringnitz is a Michigan native who’s been an avid whitetail bowhunter for nearly 30 years. In 2005, Todd’s passion for whitetails led him to move from Michigan to SE Iowa to chase the big mature deer that the area is famous for.
Todd has gained a reputation over the years in the hunting industry for becoming one of the most successful big buck whitetail hunters. Todd prides himself on only hunting his own properties, and specifically targeting individual bucks, and harvesting them at full maturity. Todd has produced some of the most incredible whitetail stories and footage over the past 10 years, much of which he self-filmed. In the past 5 seasons alone, Pringnitz has killed 9 different mature whitetails with an average age of 7-1/2 year’s old; including 3 B&C caliber bucks! He prides himself on harvesting the most difficult animals in his territory each season; and his non-traditional tactics and approach produce results that are undeniable. Todd is a self-made whitetail hunter, and has found methods of competing with other hunters that you simply will not hear anywhere else.


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