Nate Hosie

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There are a few things Montdale, Pennsylvania is known for, one being its dairy farms and the other being Lakeland Football. But here lately, there is one more buzz coming from the small populated town, and that is none other than HeadHunters TV's own Nate Hosie. He has built a name for himself locally and beyond for his skills in the woods as co-host of the popular show on The Outdoor Channel, but also now for the upcoming release of his debut country music album. The show not only highlights the exciting kills that happen every time the hosts hit the woods, but the memories made along the way. He is the first to tell you that it's not about the score of a deer or the length of a turkey beard, but rather the people he shares the woods with and the viewers at home that truly matter. “We are thankful to be sportsmen, and we will always stand up for our right to hunt,” notes Hosie. “For me, it's definitely about the memories I have made and will cherish forever.”

But hunting isn't the only thing occupying Hosie's time these days. He has also finished work on his brand new debut country music album. The project had Hosie spending time in Nashville (between hunts) to work with some of the town's most prestigious songwriters, producers and engineers.

It's no wonder that at the end of the day, whether it's calling turkeys, tracking a deer's pattern or making music straight from his heart, Nate Hosie knows just what a lucky man he is to get to live the life he does. “Sometimes I just sit back and think about the fact that I get to hunt for a living and I have the opportunity to make music,” shares Hosie. “I've got a great family, a sweet-hearted wife and awesome friends that support me, and for that I am truly blessed and truly thankful.”


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