Oncovision Inc.

Boston,  MA 
United States
  • Booth: 1063

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Oncovision is a leading provider of innovative medical imaging devices for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Has grown into a dynamic brand in a technologically competitive, high-growth industry.

We boast a clinical product line that includes market-leading Sentinella, a unique intra-operative Gamma Camera and the revolutionary Mammi PET, a breast cancer diagnostic device capable of visualizing lesions of less than 2mm and quantifying tumor activity. Oncovision completes its portfolio with new Wprobe, the most advanced technology for radioguided surgery.

Oncovision has distinguished itself through for developing and bring to the market innovative products to generate significant benefits on patients.

You can also visit us on the web at www.oncovision.com

Brands: Sentinella: Radioguided Surgery Wprobe: Wireless Gamma Mammi: Molecular Breast Image.


  • Wprobe
    Wireless Gamma Probe, the cutting edge technology for Sentinel Lymph Node localization....

  • Wprobe is designed with the most advanced technical features on the market to reach the biggest challenges of the SLNB as a surgical technique. 
    Accurate, with greater sensitivity and versatile.

    The Wprobe kit with tablet has a custom-designed software with new functionalities and facilitates counting activity up to three isotopes simultaneously, opening new possibilities for accurate sentinel lymph node localization.

    Wprobe has different models to fulfil the needs in every clinical application for open and laparoscopic surgeries.

    Wprobe has an extraordinary spatial resolution to locate and discriminate with accuracy the radiolabelled tissue to guarantee its excision, even in complex cases as nodes close to the injection site.

    Its titanium is thin and precise (11 mm), essential in minimally invasive surgeries. Wprobe has more than double maximum sensitivity to find easily nodes with low activity or in procedures with low dose of radiotracer. 

    Wprobe is able to be sterilized at low temperature and has an ergonomic design with only 157 gr weight. Available in two sizes: standard of 25 cm and laparoscopic of 51 cm

    Wprobe has a medical grade tablet, custom designed software with different functionalities (multiple isotope detection, labelled nodes, full range mode...) and is wireless with Bluetooth connection. 

  • Sentinella
    Sentinella is a portable gamma camara for radioguided surgery...

  • Where others seek, Sentinella finds

    Radioguided surgery with Sentinella provides a safe and practical system for real-time visualization of the radiotracer uptake inside the sentinel lymph nodes. 

    A unique and innovative system to detect sentinel node in the operating room, evaluating possible extensions to lymph nodes, enabling the identification of sentinel nodes outside of the conventional nodal chains.

    Sentinella is 100% portable. Includes an ergonomic arm with a laser pointer that allows you to place the camera, to visualize challenging areas. Sentinella's high-resolution camera is ideal for minimally invasive surgery.

    Its custom-designed software allows you to make the most out of the images in multiple applications: virtual lead, ROIs, dual tracer, radioactive pointer, dynamic images, DICOM and more.

    Sentinella is a portable gamma camera easy to use in a sterile field with just one hand. Its exclusive technology of continuous crystals generates high-resolution images.

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