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Discover GMP radiopharmaceuticals production solutions.

About IBA
IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.), is a cancer diagnostics and treatment company and the worldwide technology leader in the field of proton therapy. The company’s expertise lies in the development of next-generation proton therapy technologies and radiopharmaceuticals that provide oncology care providers with premium quality services and equipment, including IBA’s leading fully-integratedIntegraLab® system.

About IBA RadioPharma Solutions

Based on longstanding expertise, IBA RadioPharma Solutions supports hospitals and radiopharmaceutical distribution centers with their in-house radioisotopes production by providing them global solutions, from project design to the operation of their facility. In addition to high-quality technology production equipment, IBA has developed in-depth experience in setting up GMP radiopharmaceuticals production centers.

Brands: Cyclone® KIUBE, Synthera®+, IntegraLab®, IBA


  • Cyclone KIUBE
    Cyclone® KIUBE is a 18 MeV cyclotron that offers :
    -Superior performance for operational and cost efficiency
    -High reliability with embedded redundancy for the best uptime
    -Best safety with low personnel exposure
    -Real flexibillity


  • Cyclone® KIUBE is a fixed-energy cyclotron that accelerates negative ions up to 18 MeV and that hosts two proton sources

    Designed to deliver, Cyclone® KIUBE offers the highest production capacity ever reached with a PET cyclotron. It will be able to produce up to 300 FDG doses in a 2-hour run.

    Designed for ever, Cyclone® KIUBE is upgradable like no other cyclotron, so you can increase your production capacity. A full range of Nirta® targets are available giving you access to 18F, 13N, 15O, 11C (CO2 & CH4), 18F2, 68Ga,...

    Designed for you, Cyclone® KIUBE is also available with a self-shielding option.

  • Synthera®+

  • Synthera®+ is a fully automated synthesizer which performs radiopharmaceutical production.

    Synthera®+ employs a single-use disposable cassette, the IFP™ (Integrated Fluidic Processor) and a set of commercially available reagents for the synthesis of a wide variety of compounds: 18FDG, Na18F, 18FLT, 18FMISO, 18FCholine, 68Ga-peptides, Neuraceq™ and many others developed in-house and shared by users on the web-based platform: IBA-Library of compounds.

    Synthera®+ is an accessory-based platform which can be adapted to your current and future production needs. It is the smallest synthesizer on the market and fits into any hot cell. It offers multi-run capability with the loader and automatic ejection system, high yield, the highest uptime as well as reduced maintenance, Synthera®+ is the most cost-effective radiochemistry module.

  • IntegraLab ®

  • IntegraLab® is a fully integrated solution, combining equipment and services for the establishment of radiopharmaceutical (c)GMP production centers. IntegraLab® includes, among others, the building design achieving full regulatory compliance and the selection, integration, supply, installation and qualification of suitable equipment to match the customer’s radioisotopes production goals
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