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US Nuclear Corp: radiation detection/monitoring Booth 1068.

US Nuclear Corp, designer and manufacturer has a diverse suite of radiation detection, measurement and monitoring instruments. We are located next to Miftec, Booth 1066, our Strategic Alliance Partner in developing fusion generators for medical isotopes.

US Nuclear Corp with a diverse suite of radiation detection, measurement and monitoring instruments for the medical profession.  Portable/installed instruments: portal monitors; scattered x-rays and pulse x-rays; air monitoring; continuous real-time water monitoring; air monitoring system for PET.

US Nuclear Corp has more than 300 products many of which are favorites in the medical field.  We have partnered with Miftec, a leader in fusion research.  Through Miftec’s unique development of a fusion generator US Nuclear Corp will be the manufacturer and distributor of both these generators for developing medical isotopes and will also produce medical isotopes.  A product that is increasingly in demand with the global supply dwindling.

 Press Releases

  • Los Angeles, CA. March 18, 2019 – With preparations underway for manufacturing the MIFTEC Z-pinch (ZEBRA) Fusion Medical Isotope Generators, US Nuclear Corp. (OTCBB: UCLE) is one step closer to ending the dire worldwide shortage of medical isotopes.  The federal government is so desperate to find a domestic, stable supply of medical isotopes that they recently awarded over $60 million in funding to 8 projects/companies working on solutions for this demand.  Of these 8 companies, only 3 have timelines to supply medical isotopes in the near future, and of those 3, Magneto-Inertial Fusion Technologies, Inc (MIFTI, parent company to MIFTEC) has the most promising solution.  MIFTEC’s patented fusion-powered medical isotope generator can not only solve the medical isotope shortage, but the revolutionary process also offers numerous advantages to current production methods, including:

    • MIFTEC’s process is fueled by a simple isotope of hydrogen from a renewable source: seawater.
      Current production methods of medical isotopes are fission-based nuclear reactors or accelerators that require either highly enriched or low enriched uranium (HEU/LEU) to operate. These methods are costly, multi-step processes that result in nuclear waste byproducts that must be safely contained and stored for hundreds of years while being protected from theft by terrorists.
    • Due to the eco-friendly, fusion-based technology, the capital and operational costs are a fraction of that for fission or accelerator technology.  Additionally, medical isotope production costs are up to 50% less than all other current manufacturing processes.
    • The device is designed to fit into most hospitals, nuclear medicine clinics, and laboratories.  It is ideal for local, domestic production, and results in a major reduction in transportation and import costs.  Local production also solves the timeline issues of Mo-99’s 66-hour half-life.
    • No production limit problem.  Current methods to build a nuclear reactor or accelerator are time-consuming and expensive, and once finally built, these facilities have a maximum production limit.  There is currently around a $5 billion shortfall in medical isotope production. US Nuclear can build MIFTEC’s medical isotope generators in a fraction of the time and cost, with the production line continuing until demand has been filled.
  • USN Requests Public Advice on Best City for New Factory

    Los Angeles, CA, March 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- In preparation for manufacturing new MIFTEC Medical Generators which will produce medical isotopes, US Nuclear Corp. (UCLE) has started scouting cities to build its new manufacturing facility.  The US Nuclear Corp headquarters and current manufacturing plant are located in California. Unfortunately associated costs may be prohibitive in building the new factory in California due to the high cost for manufacturing space and housing.   Additionally, travel time from headquarters to the new factory should be quick and easy, so the West coast is preferred over the East. For these reasons, US Nuclear has decided to survey two or more towns from each of the 11 western states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

    US Nuclear has devised a questionnaire with approximately 20 topics and 44 questions which will be used to develop fact sheets on each target town.  Factory requirements so far entail one to two acres of indoor factory space with a minimum 24-foot ceiling; a number of workers and skill levels to be determined.

    The public is invited to email their suggestions and reasons for the most suitable city or town for this important new factory, including why you feel this is a great spot for a great business. Help us bring jobs to your favorite town -- Email to


  • Radiation Control Monitor -FM-9W-V
    Digital. Bench Top or Installed. Continuous. Area Monitor. Relay to lock doors, trigger siren, send alert. Data archive/retrieval. Local - remote alarming, readout & monitoring. Computer interface. Accommodates 50+ types of detectors....


    FM-9W-V radiation control monitors are rugged and ideal for either laboratory or industrial application.  AC Operation.   These versatile instruments fill a varied list of applications and placement needs. 

    The FM-9W-V series utilize a variety of probes including Technical Associates P & S series, Geiger, and scintillation.  The many choices in probes provide instrumentation that will fit your need.

    • User settable to preferred engineering units: mR/h; Sv/h, microCuries/ml, etc. 
    • Computer interface, USB, Ethernet, etc,


    Maintain control of radioactive materials through monitoring when and where radioactive materials are entering or leaving an area.  The FM-9W-V has many variations including the highly sensitive FM-9W-V/PGS-3 and the

    FM-9W-V/PGS-3L.  These instruments are easily placed at entrances, exits, and other strategic locations monitoring:

    Quick Scan X-Ray Leak Detector. Portable. 8 GM detectors built into a 2 handled sweeper for large surfaces. Alarm lights for each detector. Locate leak then mark leak. Read leak emissions with X-Ray compliance meter TBM-IC-XRAY....

  • Scanning large surface walls of equipment takes time and is labor intensive and as financially costly if done with hand held devices.  The P-8Neon has 8 detectors on a paddle with a handle.  Sweeping large surface area is quick and efficient.  The detectors alert individually providing a pinpoint identification of any leak.  Utilizing a handheld device to further identify the leak is then easily done.



    • State and Federal Regulations require that devices that use or produce X-rays must not emit (leak) X-rays in excess of 0.5 mR/hr from any 10 cm2 area as measured at a distance of 5 cm.
    • Specific measurement of alarmed leak area with a small accurate X-ray mR-meter such as Model TBM-IC-X-RAY with 10 cm 2 active detector area X-Ray compliance adapter is ideal for this task.
  • X-Ray Compliance Test Meter - TBM-IC-XRAY
    X-Ray Compliance Test Meter. Digital. Portable. Detects low X-Ray energy scatter. Axially X-Rays or Below 15 Kev Gamma. Local Readout: 6 Digit-Rate, 8 Digit Integrate. Small, lightweight. Local readout...


    • Provides accurate compliance testing of a wide variety of equipment.
    • Protects the health and safety of medical personnel and patients.


    The TBM-IC-XRAY consist of an air-equivalent probe coupled to a stable solid state MOSFET input electrometer with built in A to D converter to read out directly in mR/h or mR.

    • The TBM-IC-XRAY is small and light weight.
    • Based on stable, drift-free electrometer technology.
    • Removable sleeve provides OMNI directional detection including low X-RAY energy scatter.
  • Nanosecond Pulsed X-Ray Detection - TBM-IC-PULSE-X
    Nanosecond Pulsed X-Ray Detection. Digital. Portable. The ONLY radiology imaging portable for nanosecond detection. Measures integrated Total Dose from pulsed x-ray machines over a wide range of pulse widths and repetition rates. Local readout...


    TBM-IC-PULSE-X is the ONLY radiology imaging portable plasma chamber that will detect nanosecond pulsed x-rays.  It will accurately measure the integrated Total Dose from pulsed x-ray machines over a wide range of pulse widths and repetition rates.  

    This monitor measures low energies and short pulses that other survey meters ignore to the detriment of worker health.


    The TBM-IC-PULSE-X with TA’s Plasma Chamber® is the latest in a series. These portable plasma chambers are smaller and lighter. Based on stable, drift-free electrometer technology. Especially useful in Medical applications where pulsed x-rays are used.


    The TBM-IC-PULSE-X consists of a 3” diameter plasma chamber coupled to a stable solid state MOSFET input electrometer with built in Analog to Digital converter to read out directly in mR/h or total mR.

    Rate range is 0.01 R/h to 50 R/h in a single range.

    Dose range is 0.001R - 10R in a single range. Other Ranges optional.

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