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Shirley,  NY 
United States
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Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. continues to support the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging community with various imaging solutions including their Atomlab product line.

Biodex presents the NEW Atomlab Dose Calibrator and Wipe Test Counter. The NEW Atomlab 500Plus, a dose calibrator/wipe test counter combination unit that is a complete, cost-effective hot lab management system. Features include a large tablet display and improved software integration.

The Atomlab 960 Thyroid Uptake System features a unique Positioning LED for accurate thyroid centering…a first in Thyroid Uptake System design. The combination of positioning LED and distance measurement rod assures accurate, repeatable patient positioning and uptake measurements. The optional DICOM Interface is completely integrated for seamless operation. Government approved to interface with VistA Imaging.

Biodex also offers shielding solutions for preparing, shipping and administering all nuclear medicine radiopharmaceuticals. A vast array of syringe shields, radioisotope shipping systems, lung ventilation accessories and line of Lead-Lined Laboratory Furniture are available.

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Brands: Atomlab; Pro-Tec Syringe Shields; Pulmonex; Venti-Scan


  • Atomlab™ 500Plus Dose Calibrator
    The NEW Atomlab™ 500Plus Dose Calibrator combines dose calibration and wipe testing - a complete hot lab management system. This system offers a cost-effective solution for your molecular imaging needs. It’s comprehensive, easy-to-use and feature-rich....

    • Windows® 10 Operating System
    • Microsoft SQL Database
    • Communicates with most commercially available NM management systems via Ethernet or Serial Port
    • Preprogrammed for 98 most commonly used radionuclides; any 12 can be conveniently touch selected
    • Automatic range selection; up to 100 Curies of Tc-99m or 25 Curies of F-18
    • Remote shielded ionization chamber
    • Ultra-fast response
    • Displays in Curies or Becquerels
    • 64 Channel MCA
    • NEW Manual MCA Program
    • Expandable library of 33 commonly used isotopes
    • Remote shielded well
    • Adjustable wide window and individual isotopes
    • Energy spectrums with individual ROI
    • Ability to help identify isotopes causing contamination
    • 2 x 2 NaI drilled-well detector
    • User-specific wipe locations and trigger levels
    • Wipes that exceed trigger levels are immediately recognized
    • Detailed wipe reports including cpm and dpm
    • Wipe testing results stored
    • Intuitive software with extensive functionality
    • USB connectivity for external monitor, printer, and software upgrades
    • Report and label printers available
    • Easy-to-use, touchscreen display with intuitive menus
    • Small footprint economizes workspace
    • Two-year warranty
  • Atomlab™ 960 Thyroid Uptake System
    A complete, mobile, self-contained Medical Spectrometer System, the Atomlab 960™ Thyroid Uptake System is designed for diverse nuclear medicine applications. Uptake studies, wipe tests, and other user-defined tasks are accomplished with speed & precision....

    • Unique Positioning LED for accurate thyroid centering – A First in Thyroid Uptake System Design
    • Distance measurement rod with incremental markings (detector-to-patient)
    • The combination of positioning LED and distance bar assure accurate, repeatable patient positioning and uptake measurements
    • All-in-one flat panel PC with solid state hard drive featuring Windows® Operating System
    • Count rate: 150,000 cps
    • Color touch-screen adjustable height monitor - medical grade tactile touch
    • Extremely intuitive menus follow conventionally established nuclear medicine procedures 
    • Compact mobile platform requires little floor space - easy to move
    • Innovative multi-axis and height adjustable arm for easy patient positioning of seated or supine patients
    • Calibration/Constancy fixture for simple and automated calibration
    • Convenient storage locations for Neck Phantom and Calibration/Constancy Fixture
    • 1024-channel multichannel analyzer
    • Software programs for Thyroid Uptake, Wipe Test, Quality Assurance, Manual MCA and Bioassay
    • Controlled and monitored via Ethernet or Serial Port
    • DICOM Interface (optional)
    • 2" x 2" NaI(Tl) detector with collimated shield (meets IAEA specifications)
    • Heavy duty locking casters
    • Smart cable management
    • Industry exclusive two-year warranty
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