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Hidex is a family owned high technology company which develops and manufactures high performance analysis equipment for life science research, radiation measurement and nuclear medicine. Their products utilize modern technology and excellent tradition of workmanship. With strong links to the scientific community Hidex continue to innovate and develop to improve scientific research and safety of everyday life.

At SNMMI Hidex is exhibiting solutions for automated gamma counting. the Hidex AMG automatic NaI well detector with on board sample balance is ideal for metabolic studies, blood input function curves, Glucomerase filtration rate or general nuclear medicine applications. Hidex Radiowater Generator is an online system for preparation of Oxygen-15 H2O infusions. With approximately 50 installation world wide Hidex is the leader in Oxygen-15 water technology.

Brands: Hidex AMG Gamma Counter, Hidex Radiowater Generator


  • Hidex AMG
    Specifically designed to meet the needs of modern laboratories, the Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter’s touchscreen operated software and application-focused design delivers effortless workflow and provides results quickly and efficiently....

  • Facilitating Efficiency and Workflow

    • Combines all the necessary individual measurement data in a glomerular filtration rate (GFR) assay to produce a final report for secure workflow in hospitals.
    • Add easy quality control through Ge/Ga elution ratio measurements.
    • High efficiency and suitable shielding for PET research with isotopes such as 15O, 18F and 89Zr.
    • Automatic decay correction to a defined time stamp.
    • Includes easy to use diagnostic tool for traditional radio-immunoassays.
    • Automatic data export into user definable format.
    • Ensure radio safety through ready-set gamma counting measurements.

    A unique combination with the onboard balance

    The optional automated onboard balance offers unprecedented convenience and reliability. It saves
    the operator valuable time by speeding up work flow.

    Results are reported automatically as activity per mass or volume providing increased dependability.

    The Hidex AMG with the precise balance is a perfect platform for bio-distribution studies.

    Going beyond with the extended MCA

    The Hidex AMG is equipped with a powerful linear multichannel analyser for detailed spectrum analysis. Never before has there been a possibility to measure isotopes with an energy range of up to 4,000 keV.

    Software beyond comparison

    The Hidex AMG is ready to run with immediate access to your methods. Results are calculated straight into Bq or Ci values and include automatic storage of the full energy spectrum to ensure no data is lost.

    An external touchscreen PC with Windows 10 operated software features an easy to use graphical interface and live spectrum display.

    The software has a built-in algorithm to compensate for spectral pulse pile up of high activity samples.

    Besides traditional printing, data is easily exported into Excel and other formats to a user defined location. Sample ID import ensures easy handling of data.

    In order to satisfy laboratory security and regulatory demands, the Hidex AMG software is 21 CFR part 11 supported.

    Exceptional performance

    An optimal lead shield design and a single 3" NaI well-type crystal detector provide superb counting efficiency, low backgrounds and minimal interference from samples on the conveyor.


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