ABX advanced biochemical compounds

  • Booth: 960

ABX, leading producer of PET precursors & kits, welcomes you to the SNMMI 2020 Annual Meeting!

ABX is the leading manufacturer of PET precursors and peptides. We offer:

  • FDG reagent kits and cassettes for nearly all FDG modules

          Mannose Triflate (DMF US and Europe)

         Cryptand 222 (kryptofix)

  • nucleophilic as well as electrophilic F-DOPA precursors and complete kits
  • F-PSMA-1007, FLT, F-Choline, F-MISO, FET precursors, reagents, and hardware kits
  • a comprehensive range of “scientific” precursors for

          oncology such as Fluoroestradiol, FAZA… and

          neurology like Raclopride, Fallypride, PK11195, Flumazenil, beta-CIT, PIB…

  • SPECT precursors, e. g. CuMIBI (DMF US and Europe)
  • PEPTIDES, e. g. PSMA-11, DOTA-TOC and DOTA-TATE for Gallium-68 labelling
  • Gallium-68 reagents kits and cassettes
  • Lutetium-177 reagents kits and cassettes
  • O-18 WATER

We are well experienced in GMP production and also do offer custom syntheses according to Q7 chapter 19 for clinical PET studies (APIs). Our laboratories and clean rooms are GMP certified and meet pharmaceutical standards.

Brands: ABX is the leading manufacturer of PET precursors and peptides. We offer complete FDG, FPSMA-1007, FDOPA, FLT, F-Choline, FMISO, FET, FES, and NaF reagents and hardware kits.

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