Oncidium Foundation

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The Oncidium Foundation

The Oncidium Foundation (created 2011) aims at increasing awareness about radiotherapy in NM and promoting at a worldwide level the development of radiotherapeutics. Very recently Oncidium completely refurbished its website with the aim to becoming a platform that will create cohesion between personalized medicine stakeholders and build a community strong enough to lobby for radiotheranostics.

To fulfill the different programs, the foundation is looking for volunteers who can help to gather but also to spread information about marketed or under clinical development radiotherapeutics, represent Oncidium locally, or help to translate information in any language. On top of providing the latest data on progresses in radiotheranostics, the web site aims at connecting directly patients with physicians and will display information about nearest treatment centers through interactive maps. This information must be as complete as possible and provided in the language of the patient. Eventually, depending upon funding from new sponsors, Oncidium intends to support financially the clinical development of efficient radiotherapeutics disregarded by industry and to support access to these drugs for patients that cannot afford such therapies.

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