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Southern Scientific manufacture a range of contamination monitors and probes for medical applications, including the Radhound, Handhound and Care Wise C-Trak Galaxy Gamma Probe.

The company now manufactures the Care Wise C-Trak Galaxy Gamma Probe System. This system provides accurate and precise detection of gamma radiation and is used during sentinel node biopsies in breast, melanoma and other types of cancer.

Southern Scientific is also a distributor for Amici lung ventilation products, the Capintec range of products, Digirad single head and cardiac cameras, and the MiE range of general purpose gamma cameras.

Brands: Radhound Handhound Care Wise C-Trak Galaxy Gamma Probe


  • Handhound
    The Handhound Hand Contamination Monitor has been designed mainly for use in isotope handling areas where hands could be contaminated....

  • The voice-activated Handhound hand contamination monitor has been designed to help with HSE compliance, by keeping a record of hand contamination measurements for each user.

    Hand Contamination Monitor Features:

    • Entirely voice operated to avoid instrument contamination.
    • Sensitive scintillation counter for gamma emitters.
    • Automatic background updates.
    • Stainless steel housing for ease of cleaning and decontamination.
    • Fixed or dynamic alarm thresholds.
    • Automatic record keeping against usernames, to aid with HSE compliance.
    • Alternative detector options covering a wide range of nuclides.
    • Touch-screen compatibility included as an alternative to voice operation.
    • Mains operated.
    • Cost effective.
    • Designed and manufactured by Southern Scientific in the UK.
  • Radhound
    The Radhound radiation monitor is a multi-purpose digital radiation survey meter suitable for all your contamination monitoring and radiation protection requirements....

  • The portable Radhound radiation detection instrument is a cost effective, feature packed digital radiation monitor that is simple and easy to use. The radiation count rate is displayed in large clear numbers and also on a bar scale. Our smart averaging software means a steady display that can be read with confidence, yet provides a fast response.

    For source finding, one button push on the radiation detection meter changes the display to a histogram plot. Alpha and Beta/Gamma counts can be displayed separately or on the same screen.

    For surveying Radhound also has a time to count function.

    Radhound Handheld Radiation Monitor Features

    • Low cost and easy to use radiation meter.
    • Clear digital LCD display with backlight.
    • GM and scintillation radiation monitor and detector options.
    • Scaler timer function.
    • Ergonomic tilt stand.
    • Wall mountable.
    • Fully adjustable alarm levels.
    • CE marked.

    Radiation Detection Meter Applications

    • Health physics: for radiation contamination monitoring on surfaces, clothing and objects etc.
    • Nuclear medicine departments, suitable for 125I, 99Tc etc.
    • Radiological survey work and lab use.
    • Emergency planning, response and clean up.
    • Research applications.

  • Radhound X/E
    Radhound X/E is an advanced digital hand held general purpose radiation monitor, suitable for a wide range of probes....

  • This feature packed instrument boasts unique features, such as the ability to switch between probes via the menu, allowing for example, a dose rate probe and a contamination probe to be configured for use with one instrument. This flexibility allows any standard probe to be used (300-1200V).

    Radhound X/E is capable of measuring dose rate, CPS, CPM, Bq/cm2 with alpha and beta discrimination. The instrument menu allows adjustment of thresholds, high voltage, dead time and over-range protection.

    Simple and easy to use

    We take great care to ensure our instruments are very easy to operate. The menu on the Radhound X/E can easily be locked by the user to ensure only basic options are available, giving greater security and protection against accidental setting changes.

    Multiple probe library/confirguration

    As well as operating as a traditional single probe instrument, the Radhound X/E allows the user to switch quickly between alternative probe setups. (The user is instructed to plug in the correct probe before the new settings are applied, protecting against possible over voltage or use of incorrect settings).


    Radhound X/E has an adjustable alarm threshold. Additionally separate alpha and beta alarms can be set. The sounder is loud and clear, and is suitable for use in many different environments. A symbol flashes on the display when in alarm.

    Scaler Timer

    Radhound X/E has a scaler time mode, allowing the integration of count for a preset time (or time to a preset count). Additionally in dose rate mode, time to dose can be indicated.

    Self Test

    Radhound X/E automatically checks its health on turn on. It checks the high voltage, battery level, keyboard and sounder.

  • C-Trak Galaxy
    Accurate and precise detection of radiation for use during sentinel node biopsies, allowing for smaller incisions and faster patient recovery....

  • Features

    • Large touchscreen display for maximum visibility.
    • Highly directional allowing for smaller incisions and faster patient recovery.
    • No manual transcription required – timed counts are stored within the system.
    • Patient data stored locally – for retrieval of counts at a later date.
    • Fast calibration and enhanced diagnostics quickly ensure the system is functioning correctly.  
    • Multiple probes can be stored within the system for use in a range of procedures.
    • Energy threshold and window technology for a variety of isotopes.
    • Built-in user manual.

    Application Areas

    • Breast Cancer
    • Head and Neck Cancer
    • Melanoma
    • Laparoscopic
    • Thyroid
    • Parathyroid

    Variable collimation and shielding, coupled with signal discrimination makes the OmniProbe perfect for many applications.

    C-Trak probes are capable of measuring gamma energies up to 364 keV, and are designed to detect small sites of radioisotope uptake in the high scatter, highly variable background environments found with imaging radiolabels such as Indium 111 and Technetium 99m. The C-Trak Omniprobe PET can be used to detect higher-energy radiolabels such as FDG, with energies up to 600 keV.

    A range of probes are available for the Galaxy including:


    • Top-rated gamma probe is highly directional.
    • Adjustable collimators and shielding allow use in a variety of procedures.
    • Angled probe allows ease of detection in confined anatomical spaces.

    OmniProbe PET

    • Useful in detecting all types of PET positive cancers.
    • Provides better resolution and directionality than PET scans.
    • Reduces surgical time.

    OmniProbe EL

    • Can be used in laparoscopic applications.
    • Small tip allows insertion through common ports.
    • Available in forwarding-viewing, side-viewing, or 20° offset versions.

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