Molecular Targeting Technologies, Inc.

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United States
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MTTI is a clinical stage company transforming the lives of patients with severe and life-threatening diseases thru innovative targeted theranostics.

EBTATE (177Lu-EB-DOTA-TATE) radiotherapeutic targets somatostatin receptors in neuroendocrine neoplasms​.  EBTATE shows several-fold increase of blood half-life and enhanced tumor uptake over existing PRRTs. Treatments using either 1.85 or 3.7 GBq EBTATE in NET patients were well tolerated and more effective than 3.7 GBq of 177Lu-DOTA-TATE (Lutathera®). Acquired under an exclusive global license from NIH.  Enters clinical trials in the US in Q4 2020.

EBRGD (177Lu-EB-DOTA-RGD) is a selective, cancer fighting radiotherapeutic targeting αvβ3-expressing tumors. Studies are currently focused on non-small cell lung cancer and glioblastoma multiforme. Will enter clinical trials in 2021.  Acquired under an exclusive global license from NIH.

TDURA (99mTc-duramycin) radiodiagnostic targets PE, externalized in dying cells.  Clinical trials imaging colorectal tumor response to chemotherapy begin in Q3 2020.

FGA (18F-fluoroglucaric acid) radiodiagnostic targets histones to detect necrosis and apoptosis, tracking tumor response to therapy.  MTTI owns a proprietary, low cost route from FDG.  FGA holds promise in a range of diseases. 

Our Team: Seasoned executives from multinational pharmaceutical companies, each with a successful track record.

Brands: EBTATE (177Lu-EB-DOTA-TATE) EBRGD (177Lu-EB-DOTA-RGD) TDURA (99mTc-duramycin) FGA (18F-fluoroglucaric acid)


    New Options for Glioblastoma and Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients...

  • Today, no effective treatment for Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) exists. Additionally, few Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) patients respond effectively to chemo- and immunotherapies.

    That’s why MTTI is developing   177Lu-EBRGD, a radiotherapeutic targeting αvβ3 overexpressing tumors, binding Evans Blue  to DOTA-RGD to prolong circulation and increase tissue residence.

    In early  clinical trials, EBRGD showed improved diagnostic  efficacy vs. NOTA- or DOTA-conjugated RGD, as visualized by Cu64 and Ga68 imaging.

    US-based Phase I trials are expected to begin in early 2021.

    177Lu-EBTATE precision treatment for NET...

  • As neuroendocrine tumor (NET) incidence rates rise,  an effective treatment option has never been more critical.

    Today, MTTI is proud to showcase 177Lu-EBTATE , a precision radiotherapeutic that uses Evans Blue to increase albumin residence and prolong half-life.

    EBTATE has been studied in Phase I/II trials conducted in China. Those trials showed improved safety and efficacy with fewer, lower doses than competing treatments.

    US-based trials are planned for late 2020.

  • FGA
    18 F-fluoroglucaric acid imaging apoptosis & necrosis...

  • FGA provides reliable diagnostic results in as little as one day. Radiolabeled glucaric acid, a marker for histones associated with cell death,  has been shown to see tumor response to therapy, several types of cancer, acute MI, and stroke. 

    99mTc-duramycin imaging apoptosis...

  • By selectively binding a radiolabeled duramycin to PE, externalized in dying cells, TDURA  visualizes apoptosis. It effectively images tumor response to therapy, as well as pulmonary and heart disease and SIRS.  

    Phase 0/I trials to track colorectal tumor response to chemotherapy early  begin in Q3 2020.   Separating responders from non-responders very early improves outcomes and quality of life while significantly cutting treatment cost.

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